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tv   BOS Replay Full Board of Supervisors 92915  SFGTV  October 13, 2015 4:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>supervisor london breed:. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. madam clerk, please call the roll. city clerk: [roll call.
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supervisor wiener, yee, present, supervisor cohen, you have a quorum. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, madam clerk, are there any communications? >> there are none to report, madam president. >> okay, would colleagues like to serve items from the consent agenda? seeing none, madam clerk, please call the role on the consent agenda. city clerk: items 1-14. supervisor mar, aye, tang aye, wiener aye, supervisor yee, aye,
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supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, supervisor campos, aye, supervisor christensen, aye, supervisor cohen, aye, supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim, kim absent. there are ten ayes. >> these items are finally passed unanimously. madam clerk please call items 15-18 item 15. multifamily housing revenue note 491-31 avenue. item 16. multifamily housing revenue
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note 345 arguello boulevard, item 17. multifamily housing revenue note 999 pacific avenue. item 18, multifamily housing revenue note 666 ellis street. item 19. multifamily housing receive knee 1150 scott street. item 20. multifamily housing revenue note 1880 pine street. item 21 multifamily housing revenue note 255 wood side avenue. item 22. multifamily housing revenue note 100 appleton street. item 23, multifamily housing
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revenue note 949 and 951 eddie street. item 24, multifamily housing revenue note 1065 oakdale avenue, item 25, multifamily housing revenue note 25 sanchez street, item 26, multifamily housing revenue note 462 duboce avenue. item 28, multifamily housing revenue note 430 turk street. and item 28. >>supervisor london breed: roll call vote on items. city clerk: supervisors mar, aye, wiener, aye, avalos, aye, breed, aye,
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supervisor campos, aye, christensen, aye, cohen, aye, supervisors farrell, aye, kim, aye, >>supervisor london breed: these resolutions are adopted unanimously. >> next item. city clerk: item 29 an amendment for the real property lease amendment proxy development to corner of octavia boulevard and fell street initial monthly rent of 5573, 67. >>supervisor london breed: colleagues, can we take this item same house same call. without objection this item is approved.. item 30. please. city clerk: item 30 is a resolution to termination of a lease disposition and development agreement for the rehabilitation and lease of the geneva office building and powerhouse with the friends of the geneva office building and powerhouse. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor avalos? >>supervisor john avalos: thank
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you, colleagues, this resolution reflects the changes to the plan for the powerhouse. this has been a project that's been starting and stopping for a number of years ever since land was transferred back in 2000. overall the building needs $26 million or so to rehabilitate and to make it functional for community use. the plans are to actually have a community space and arts programming and arts education programming at the site but it's been running into a lot of difficulty in how to raise those kind of dollars. this new life, for the office building is really part of the effort of my office and i want to thank beth rub stein for all of her work rounding up a lot of support to making this happen and i would like to thank the
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parks and recreation department for keeping this going forward and amy cohen and joaquin torres. this will be using the bond money approved in 2012 and there is a fund that could be available there for just doing the powerhouse side of the geneva office building and powerhouse and later once we have demonstrated that we can renovate and building a program there that we can go to the second phase moving forward. this resolution will be continuing with the effort of design but also to dispose of at least disposition and development agreement that was approved about a year 1/2 ago and to make sure we can move forward with the new verse -- version of how this building
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will get built and be of great service not just to district eleven but the district and county of san francisco. >>supervisor london breed: colleagues, can we take this item same house same call. without objection thi safely. >> testimony 31 is a resolution to retroactively the durability to accept and expends a 24 thousand grant for the cdc to participate in a medical monitoring project from june to 2016. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this the adopted >> item 344 so authorize public health to submit a obligation for 2016 to continue to receive the funds $6.2 million important the hiv
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fwrnt under the centers for disease control and prevention from january to 2016 sam we'll take that without objection. this resolution is duplicated unanimously item 33 a resolution to retroactively authorize the juvenile probation department to accept and extends a 17 thousand from the state correction for practices and training 2015 to 2016 awesome next item to retrofitting authorize the district attorney to accept a gift after a kwoon year vision e inspiration valued if salesforce for the period of july through 2016 same house, same call? this resolution is adapted unanimously peritoneum 35 a resolution to approve a freeway
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maintenance agreement with the state of california port commission maintenance responsibility for highway 101 and van ness corridor and horse the public works to execute the report on behalf of the city and same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this is adopted unanimously colleagues what i entertain a motion to - okay can we go to committee reports. >> item inform through 42 the audit and oversight committee we were forward as committee reports item 40 a resolution to respond to the preceding just of the superior court for the 2014-2015 entitled clean power at long last and okay
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colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adapted and madam president my apologies. >> i only read item 40 i can read the other one item 41 for the proceeding judge on the pvkd and recommendations entitled san francisco city construction program it needs work to urge the mayor to accept the recommendations through the department head same house, same call? >> we'll take that without objection. those recesses are is adapted unanimously item 412. >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the being sure units. >> same house, same call? >> we'll take that without objection. ordinance is passed unanimous other than the first reading. >> supervisor kim. >> supervisor president london
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breed i'll to make a motion to rescinds the items on the calendar consent calendar supervisor kim has made a motion and seconded by supervisor supervisor yee we'll take that without objection. the motion to rescinds pass unanimously and delegations can we take the consent agenda same house, same call? or madam clerk you need to call the roll. >> wale call the roll. >> please call the roll on items. >> supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee commissioner avalos. supervisor breed's supervisor campos supervisor christensen
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supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 11 i's >> those items passed and approved unanimously moving right along roll call for introduction. >> supervisor mar is the first to introduce new business. >> thank you colleagues, i have a couple of items and two in millennium thank you so much to the richmond district ymca the merchant and our office and many residents from the robbers for sponsoring the movies in the park nights the last time one for a the season is friday evening it is the amazing neil the film from the graphic novel the movies have in high definition under the stars it
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was beautiful a few we understand ago splumz needs heavy blackout as the fog reels in kind of like a drive in theater with small businesses come earlier are a picnic basket and reserve our spaces on the ball feed the tickets are not totally free come as early as possible a lot of the getness tests by the why, why it starts at 7:00 p.m. we want to thank michael and the clemente merchants anticipate is richmond ymca and christie for the hard work in the rec and park department it is important to bring printed wretches to get the promotion go to clemente
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street and for fire chief films contact my office for suggestions great family art environment activity coming up on saturday is the leak sand castle i'll be one of the judges it is pretty amazing what young people in schools and they are advisors can do with said. >>and some of the most amazing temporary art on ocean beach near the balboa park and the near the foot of clip house scenes in buildings and partner local streets it build the best sculptures their inspired in 2015 it is good youtube videos and it brings educational programs to the bay area city hall's it is admission is free
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an amazing showing of creativity in the natural environment the contest we serve over 7 thousand students across 25 bay area schools hands on experience in the arts and team and sponsors in the last year's 2014 sand castle we motives dates around they maids over $62,000 and to help to continue to expand its programs approximately 3 thousand people attends the contest each and every every year we're looking at for many people in the richmond's please bring our families and doggies it is an amazing gathering the communities and protecting the enlightenment 10:30 it begins the award ends at 4:30 people start december mammal the sand
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castle it is a fun process i have a cooperative of other announcements an amazing revolutionary theatre and pick up even though 345eshg pete good friend of mine come to the ex-wife giving arts forever the athlete and social movement for decades on friday, october 9th come to the internet archive for access through the internet year-round 24/7 open friday, october 9th come early for a wine reception at 6 o'clock and also at 7:00 p.m. we've been dedicating this an mirage or enlighteny we thank did he did
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he they've rivera hundred and 50 hours of passion plays and other things available to the public all year rental unit twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week and peter's shoe man performed a fiduciary he will an amazing visionary artists the first coming back to san francisco and leads up to a performance of the 60s anti vietnam war piece fire practical join us and did he did he and for bringing peter and others to san francisco also on a sad note after the amazing harley strictly bluegrass the arguing most amazing music festival i'm saddened to announce the death
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of audry a 23-year-old in a town near monreal and passed away while visiting over city it is believes they attend harveyly strictly and an victim after a blunt force he injury to her head she was printed out dead at the scene kari was backpacking from mountain tunnel mothering montreal in a two week trip sdrind as a quote 50 on the side and full of life unquote police have treating this as a homicide in you have information regarding 24 please give me the police department at (415) 575-4444 or to text the tip to 411 with sf pd in the message
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condolences to ms. scarringy and ore family and also colleagues i'd like to end the meeting on a memory of audry keri that was fined disease on saturday and ask we could conclude the meeting in our own honor of an amazing hundred year-old leader from detroit, michigan i know that supervisor kim and supervisor campos and others met her a couple of years ago in the chinese progressive organization he wanted to say i met grace about 20 years ago as a she got her boy infer and others brought her it out 0 los angeles for a serve the people for the asian-american movement and she
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also joined who pass away last year about this the times for the last 20 jars an amazing inspiration she's a leggedy philosopher passed away while sleeping in our detroit home hundred years old and in providence, rhode island 1915 a hundred years ago to the chinese america parents she get her b.a. and ph.d from another college college ear writing the max and others lead to a life in academia by socialization he is e ms. bossing with one of the old human right leader and
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supported causes from human right civil right and labor movement to the black power and black feminist movement and had to state that resurrection just was around the corner they changed constantly her thinking and her terrorism the revolution tends of her leave working with youth in detroit to rebuild their neighborhood and nurturing me in the asian-american movements generations but reducing with work was not just the militant to the 60 tichsz but to make everyone more human as at the often said one of her boxes that is a treasure to me i read it often is written with any friends square feet called
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the next american reducing for the 21st century by mr. fwloef but it is an amazingly spiral book how to make change today one quiet from grace that is important she said imagination is more than education it went to reimage everything protests and change the institution and to change ours it went to grow our souls and talk about this bravely and powerfully grace has a lot of sayings but i'll is that some of them are the most simple things that changes you everyday it was an honor to work with her the board of supervisors paid a tribute to her at the events several years ago called the celebration and contribute to grace bossing an
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march third in 2012 they went to that to be a author and philosopher who planted gardens in detroit and marked against racism and sexism and lurked on human right and on her evolving vision they are toichlt was in the 40s she joined the movements for tenants right and the parties in the association with her involvement with the 1941 mark in washington they focused on marginalized group of women of color and in 194 that she moved to san francisco where she met her husband he's a visionary leading the detroit black workers as well grace and jimmy the pair continued their terrorism in
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their own city right for chando to the racial inequality and focused on the movements happyly embrace rejoined jimmy and have peace for years identified with the black liberation they stated with them on the visits to detroit they incorporated - when the rioting erupted in 1967 grace and gym just talked about the police will brutal ms. bossing taunted the strategy in a detroit that remained her basis and faucets mr. martin luther king striving for justice from nonconfrontationable
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methods she founded and helped to organize the utility shut down and to look at protests outside of convene crackhouse and columns she wrote for the weekly the michigan citizens in the 2 co-founder with her husband the youth program that draws volunteers from all over the country and helped to organize music's festival and she died in 199 that she opened the grace and james at exaggerate elementary school she has corin woods the evolution the women and movement to build new america and for the future
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living for change and auto botanical the one he held up the sustainable activism she got a number of awards and for the remainder are of of here hundred-year-old life therts afghan activist like pioneers in the asian-american movement so they dloeftsd her life to help people of color and immigrants and low income people mrs. bossing dedicated her life and chambers all of all of us to lead in over communities whether or not we are during the obama knock it out of the park is not about politicians but oriented people making the change and do sxooirl things every day but brought in the change in the white house that's the spirit of mr. bossing i want to ask if any
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other colleagues from the board that wanted to say anything about grace bothering for the in memoriam >> supervisor kim and supervisor campos and just to a reminder we is 2:30 accomodation with members here for the accommodations so if we can move that right along please. supervisor kim. >> i want to thank supervisor eric mar for recognizing grace bossing together i think many of us particularly in the asian-american communities have been incredibly touch by here leadership and dedication and a role model to be tremendously commented to change and community building and accreditation building she was known for her ability to alone for young people and old people and progressives and get to see
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things in a whole new lighted when grace came to chinatown i remember her talking about how she lives in the same hues in on the same block and never left that city when everyone moved out she was the only residents on that block continued to per sincere for the change in the city and community gardens starting the youth programs and supervisor mar did a great job of to be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars their complishts but particularly as as an asian-american woman wanting to serve any communities i've been inspired i discovered them in high school i was in worn out time and announcement those women exists and role models
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both in the asian-american and in the latino communities alm that change to some of us isn't enough that change considers for all of us and want to ends up of or with two of her quotes because i was born to chinese-american parents and female he learned the world needed changing and finally she stated two years ago in the evolution i don't know what next asian-american will be but you might be able to imagine it may we continue to honor how legacy our life and our work in our communities through our commitment to continuing change and your commitment to hope rest in power grace lee bossing. >> thank you supervisor kim
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supervisor campos. >> indeed i'm not repeat things said the only thing i'll say on both the in memoriams do them on behalf of the >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? can we take that without objection? we'll do that on behalf of the entire board thank you supervisor campos >> thank you. the the rest i submit. >> with that, we are going to go to our 2:30 accommodations and we have 3 today and colleagues, i will ask that you keep them within the 5 men time period we will start with supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president and colleagues today, i would like to honor someone i know you know very, very well, an i congresswoman con here in city
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hall an ini iconic voice on her occasion of retirement so barbara has been a long time san francisco city chief specializing in government and recording come on up barbara she hosted the news desk hour and the news program for the politicians and city hall insiders with the analysis of what is going on in the building and political column notify for the chairman her radio contrary heard she was working as council in the air facility for troubled children and needed a profession that offered more she had a job referral to a enthuse radio
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station and the rest is history so barbara is a knit in district 8 and a neighbor of mine and i've learned from the various journalists that will in the district colleagues i'm sure you understand this as well journalists are not shy about letting us know the constituents issues and barbara is not shy but far more often than not right this is most important thing bashing that's think outside the box a real pleasure to work with you to be interviewed by you with that ancient recording equipment 19 it always works but someone that brought this professionalism to the job and really helped to cover something that doesn't get covered enough it is happening in local government with the
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changes in the media frankly not enough attention from the day to day work of our city government we know democracy and transparent requires an active and robust mar the public knows what we're doing and not doing thank you for your many years of service we're going to miss you i know we'll see i around congratulations (clapping.) >> so i've worked for 40 years for k cps and never been before this. i'm a little bit nervous my father was in the navy was a chief petty officer on the uss hornet stations in alameda and the korean war he went to
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college on the emptying bill at san diego state when it was time for us to go to college it there was no question we were going i thought i would follow in his footsteps when he was a parole officer his detail and what he the fourth to keep people from going back to jail that was all he considered about but as scott mentioned the career was not quite for me because i said more action but he instilled a lot of government and politics and what was going on in the world when i was just a new by voter he took my mother and sister and me down to the city hall in san diego and made us refrigerator peace
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of freedom he was a lifelong democrat everyone should have a voice of ichsz not going to voted peace of freedom he thought people should have a say fast forward i found my niche in the building loving politics and government and having an incredible privilege of having a front row seat for that i thank you all so much i've been to thousands and thousands of those mergers i've covered probably hundred supervisors at least that's been a privilege i'm going to grateful to all of you thank you
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(clapping.) >> congratulation again 1932 taylor on to your retirement next up is supervisor mar >> thank you, colleagues every october i look forward to an amazing gathering just across the barrier in san rap the people garth i want to say we have executive director of pioneers which is an initiative educational organization they highlight break through solutions for restoring people that on the planets and executive director is here the conference has changed me the great leah bossing hearing if
4:38 am
indigenous environments like thomsz and naomi kline who's film on the crisis blackberry out new day and exposed to the thinkers of a betters future for the world and communities it is the pioneers conference he look forward to refreshing way of looking at the world the marin county conference has been going on for 26 years annual they bring together thousands of youth and community members from all over the country and world they dialogue and discuss parole violationy secludes for humiliate and social challenges programs an women's leadership and indignant on ate it is wisdom basic the communities resilience and
4:39 am
leadership and youth is an amazing program i've sat with the teachers developing the curriculum on the investment and better world this year's 26 is if in assyrian ralph came over the tracks like reverse food and farming and women's leadership and the nature leadership and marrow some of the key speakers include sandy and angela davis sister are shooers she's a visionary challenging the system former senator tom hadden he is the author of the statement on the students for a democrat working stoeshl or society think jensen and larson any friend from color lines and the center for obamacare on the racial
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justice and the back also on monday come out to the richmond district to the condition on october 12th the appearances pioneers are sponsoring a workshop on the beach and this person crease beautiful public art in the sands in the u.s. and worldwide will lead an art practice near the south side of the cliff house to 3:30 watch everyone happening on the beach as i will be after a emotion that happens after the event an informal at the beach chattel at 6 receiving the accomodation is the executive directors joshua a
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global renown social enterprise and visionary with new in roads for people during the 20 pursues years the international cultural religions we worked with africa and led other projects with the universities in over 20 countries on the planets please give us a roumd to the gentleman joshua (clapping.) and and thank you so much it is a personal honor to be ♪ room as a generation san franciscan but i'm really ref on behalf of the founders of pioneers kenny and others that had a violation 26 years to provide practices for the maritime issues of the day and leading the fourth
4:42 am
pioneers is snaets the community of communities a convening of people how to solve some the dawn issues today and create equality amongst the cultural and restore the solutions i'm ace and i'm on the case policy i to amnesty you sent 17 through the 18 other than the thursday before we're having our compliments incentive a daylong how the state of california is on the forefront of south korean for the dane climate issues our goal to amplify that megareal honor to be presented thank you all. this wonderful accomodation
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(clapping.) >> congratulations again. >> you are last accumulation for today will be given by supervisor kim. >> colleagues it with heavy heart i present this application today on behalf of mike regularly galla san francisco residents who was born in lending nebraska on october 12, 1973, he took his life this year and this application will make his 42 birthday mike day in san francisco after living in columbus and istanbul and stockholm and longing and negotiation made san francisco his permanent home and become a successful enterprise and
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running a tax consulting and was yoirdz last year he was an important part of the fabric of san francisco he was for many of you who know him a hidden the scenes kind of guy dedicated he's life for gasht spaces and a founding partner in 720 in the tenderloin a famous spot of our communities anticipate a huge contributor back into the neighborhoods a job in the south of market a new large event venue he invested so much in the neighborhoods that needs the investment and we trial building that is a not just a place of entertainment but an integral part of giving me back michael helped to build a san francisco nonprofit collective with the largest daytime production it is quite a
4:45 am
few important to achieve that a presence in the music scene and made artist grants and hooves many events every year he was deeply effects by his brothers untimes deaths in 1972 and got involved in the make a wish a beloved friend of hundreds of people i don't compensate when his friends good be now and then mike regularly gal day i got text messages from friends i didn't knew my case thanking the board the countless e-mails and text messaging i've received speaking about how much people miss him and love him and think about him tremendously really toufdz we got to know mike i'm not on a intimate level but
4:46 am
someone that shakes the community and this entire communities along with the family is deeply impacts by his untimely death of suicide in september meekly had a lot to live for he had a lot to look forward two i think we had the most to look forward to what mike's inmike gives to the communities this is how unpredictable suicide it is the fourth leading dedicate distinct age of 16 and 45 it is the greatest death there is no inadequately suicide victim as mentions maybe a matter of a caring person with the right knowledge at the right time my heart goes out to his friends and family and the missouri
4:47 am
mayor ed lee many people that load mickey know that many of his friends are here to accept that application wear commented committed to conditioning continuing the mission and the heart that my case exemplifies in the city i want to ask a few of his friends to accept the application think his behalf i see a couple of other friends come up as well he wanted to offer you an opportunity to speak with about mike. >> thank you so much supervisor socioto you will have you mike what a big, big figure we represent hundreds of san franciscans and hundreds of few weeks in nebraska and new york and london who loved him and i'll just keep it at that thank
4:48 am
you, again. >> first of all, thank you all for the horn you bestowed on michael we liked to call him mickey he e that i said what san francisco is about it you told me thirty years i was growing up in east arithmetic and be the kids from nebraska and be a good friend we become close friends and as pointed out this guy was a visionary and embracing but most importantly an excellent friend i think you're being modest with you say mickey had hundreds of fwrinz he had thousands of friends your lucky he didn't go into politics thank
4:49 am
you. >> thank you, again being here okay. colleagues we will return to roll call for introductions with basically have only gotten through supervisor mar so madam clerk please call the next member for roll call for introduction. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee comment. >> commissioner avalos supervisor president london
4:50 am
breed. >> oh, george washington's gorgeously that was quick madam clerk redirect. >> supervisor campos. >> i have one quick item an ordinance that and the issue while the city and county of san francisco has had a prevailing wage aforementioned that is for some of the outdoor vendors that ordinance explicit currently apply to sfmta contract with vendors that operate the transit fair assess program through the access the mta muni provides 8 hundred thousand day to day shared van riders that rides per year to individuals that are not able to be using muni buses and trains and embarrasses the cutters par transit is through 2016 an opportunity to not only
4:51 am
release a request are for the guardians competitive bids but make sure that the erngz are paid a fair wage that authorizes the sfmta to include in its next brokerage provisions that require payment by contractors and subcontractors for drivers and dpaefrnz and reservice stationers for the access program the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor christensen. >> a couple of happy things fierce on accept and expend resolution for 5 new ambulances for the fire department thiengs a fuming grant they respond up to one hundred and plus thousand a lot of emergencies our aging fleets makes that difficult to do in a safe manner that replaces 5 ambulances and
4:52 am
provides the city with new vehicles, and, secondly, a 1.4 homelands security for the port and resilenced program we called the danger you are ports faces with the loma prieta and the value of the maritime's fleets in responders that sort of deserve resilience recovery program is welcome i'm happy to support the issuance and sale of 20302008 and 2012 gondz i toured the jouj with the rec and park and public works department it is gorgeous i invite you to the parks openly on november 15th george is the first parks bonds
4:53 am
those bones will funds $50 million of a capital improvement to the initiatives of initiatives and cover the deferred maintenance and help the natural areas in mclaren park and lake merced and fund the green packers and others parks this is good news the rest i submit. >> thank you sxooishgs. >> supervisor cohen. >> submit. >> supervisor farrell. >> supervisor kim not presents madam president. >> okay. he have a couple of items colleagues one of the things that he wanted to tall one a little bit here in the affirm is mid town homes we know that individuals that live in
4:54 am
mid-town reached out the members of the board a lot of information we want to set the record straight conducted in the 1960s with hundred and 39 unions a residential complex of hundred a 39 for lower-income and middle-income it is by the scott and divisadero streets with owned by the the city and county of san francisco under the jury instruction of the mayor's office of housing and community development and it is killer leased to mercy housing it is an estimated needs of over 40 millions in r rehabilitation today, i want to reiterate my pledge to keep the midtown apartments an affordable housing complex i'm here to assure folks
4:55 am
in mid-attain residents will be demands nor have that he been in the last two years the mayor's office of housing and mercy to stabilize the structure to make it stave is a fair market value for residents including $500,000 this year alone in repairs over the past 9 years the city priorities middle attain collection with over $4.5 million in much needed sxal funds my goal has always been to keep the current reliance in their home and make rents adjustment in a fair and reasonable manner and to provides enough rental income for mid attain to stabilize the building and operations that is important to keep it affordable and protect leona helmsley of affordable
4:56 am
housing in any detect and throughout the city sadly month was residence are paying 50 percent higher on their hours it is affordable housing and is regulated by the federal government through hud it is important to know that the mid attain complex suffers from 40 years of defenders maintenance caused by insufficient rental revenue and poor management. >> the overall network the project is one of the causes of the building extreme disrepair without restructuring the building that will cost the losses of affordable housing it began in 2034 and continued to april 17th work 2015 here are some of the finding there are
4:57 am
extremely low income and low income households which subsidies higher in case hourly by passerby well over thirty percent of their income and rents higher income folks pay less than two and 15 and less than 10 percent of their income in rent so for a breakdown this is what is happening with the households as a result of the work done itself by the maechlz 28 households see a residence reductions holders were you paying 32 to 788 percent of their income for rents most of residents were steel low income seniors that have money for food and everyday acceptance two hourly inform change and 49 households see an increase of under one hundreds dollars a month to be clear all increases
4:58 am
p will happen over a 5 year periods those ranges from 12 to 60 percent of ami 21 hours see an increase of hundred to $200 a month over years and two he households over the next 5 years and this is ultimately to get to thirty percent holders network 10 hourly will see an increase of 4 hundred to seven hundred a month over the years and just to be clear those 10 hourly basically, their households incomes range from hundred and 200 and 14 percent of ami that typically didn't qualify for affordable housing 7 hourltz to market-rate they were either found non-cliept or unresponsive
4:59 am
to income certification unfortunately, a if i people were take advantage of the housing others midtown they sub lived their units making money from their units excluding putting their units on airbnb and is residents that owned a home in another city i sympathy emphasize with the rents increase i worked with the maechlz to allow 5 years for everyone to get to thirty percent of their income even for residents maxwell over hundred thousand dollars a year none will be remembered froefrmd their units since mark residents have been attending financial planning working groups by the conducted pie mercercy housing
5:00 am
and is 345i6 mayor's office of housing will continue to submit the development by providing 200 thousands a year to cover the operating costs and was work towards stabilizing the building and the district supervisor i'm dedicating to protecting the long term residents with the affordable housing but everyone has to a pay their ferry have a meeting scheduled with the residents of midtown and mercy housing to discuss issues i've always said to anyone that lives in mid-town my door is always open and happy to meet with them colleagues besides that i have two items to introduce the first is a planning code change to allow certain businesses in the fillmore commercial transit or is mexican
5:01 am
t d this board amazing supported in legislation earlier this year i thank my colleagues for that the legislation i'm introducing today will make a small change allowing a business and building of 3 or more stories to delay a vertical sign higher than what is currently allowed loose not trevor with this features or rise above the residential windows are above the roof lien or three hundred feet only a handful of businesses the adu's tomorrow for entertainment this legislation will allow the auditorium to pride signage more appropriated for the size and scale of its building ass as well as the location in the days
5:02 am
ever upper redevelopments the geary expressway gifted the japantown neighborhoods in a recurrentless efforts to funnel many cars having a large signage will help to simplify japantown as more than that places it pass but by a cultural designation and that will less than to visible and symbolizing bridge the gap creates by the geary expressway a large sign for the fillmore auditorium will help how the castro theatre has branded the castro my second item today is to introduce a drafting request supervisor cowen and i will be introducing a drafting request to the da and controller to draft legislation that will create a permanent city reward
5:03 am
fund to compensates those who provides information leading to and arresting and conviction in any unsolved murder case in san francisco. >> in the parts 6 years san francisco has average about 50 homes per year each a strategy a loss of a sister or father a friend each should not have happened and deserve every effort for justice we're according to most metrics the wealth it big or smallest city with that wealth comes obligations for everyone that has been given much, much will be demanded when it comes to the worse crime our city faces we should put our wealth to use to help the families of the victims and get the most violate offenders over the streets the
5:04 am
city has at times offered rewards but it does so at an a.d. o ad hoc no funds or process this could lead to the prospective that some lives are more important than others that's not the case i'm proposing a permanent city funds to provide awards up to $250,000 to anyone that brings information that leads to the arresting and conviction in an unsolved murder case the legislation will establish specific criteria because in many cases our police department solves the cases without a need for an awards the funds should think limited to homicide cases that have gone unsolved with the police had exhausted the leads and for which the police chief has in his or her determination
5:05 am
that a with regard is necessary it should be subject to the annual appropriations for years carrying forward and all this requires a small amount of taxpayer money thankfully we're talking about a small number of cases but in those cases we should be doing everything we can and in those cases this ward a or regard can make a difference san francisco has an regard fund of the do. please note: any of the members may speak without taking and deals with people pulling fire alarms if fire alarms, we can surely do it to solve murders. >> thank you, madam president. supervisor kim is asking to be rereferred. >>supervisor london breed: actually
5:06 am
supervisor cohen would like to speak to my last item. >>supervisor malia cohen: as we continue to develop this legislation, i hope we will have your support. i think it's critical that we have watched mothers come to the chamber to sit for 2 hours to ask, beg and plead for assistance. it's a small gesture that we can begin to help heal not only the families that have been torn by acts of violence but bring a human touch to how we address crime in our city and in our county. i hope once this legislation is written and finalized that we will have full support from all 11 members on this legislation so we can send a powerful message not only to the public, but to the mothers in particular who
5:07 am
have suffered a great loss and who continue to suffer and hopefully our efforts will be to help them bring them, i don't want to say closure, but settle their mind and bring some peace so they understand that law enforcement is working on all sides for everyone. i think it's incredibly important for us to remember that justice should swing both ways. thank you. city clerk: thank you. supervisor avalos? >>supervisor john avalos: thank you, madam clerk. i want to thank supervisor breed and cohen on this and i would like to be a sponsor. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. >> city clerk: madam president, supervisor would like to be recognized. >> with that we'll go to public comment. city clerk: at this time the
5:08 am
public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to 2 minutes on items within the jurisdiction of the board without reference to items 1-50 where items have been previously been satisfied. direct your remarks as a whole, not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers use is interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount to testify. if you would like documents to be portrayed on the project or please state this. >>supervisor london breed: first speaker please. public speaker: two songs. [singing]
5:09 am
>>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker please. public speaker: my name is christopher dall. to symbolism on my shirt. in the center is an equal sign
5:10 am
that indicates balance between one side and the other. a state of equality. it's a symbol of the carbon upload. all the carbon dioxide that point in our common air. down arrow is a form of carbon dioxide that the plant life of our world pulls down out of our common air. it's the carbon download of the planet and this upload that is balanced. there is 2 words that can be read as carbon balanced or balanced carbon. it's meaningful in both ways. the silver on blue symbolizes the breakup and disappearance of the north polar ice cap. we have been out of balance for a long time. the glacial records show that accumulated atmospheric carbon overload in the atmosphere minus the
5:11 am
amount of carbon sequestered has been going up for the last 10,000 years. to avoid any possibility of dreadful and disastrous climate predictions is to balance our carbon upload with carbon download. this requires enough fresh water to irrigate an empty desert to grow trees to grow carbon out of the air permanently. if we balance our current carbon account, mother nature will handle our historical overload. thank you, president barack -- president breed? public speaker: hello, i want to show this little short video
5:12 am
>> is it working? we'll take the next speaker and make sure it's working. next speaker, please. public speaker: madam board of supervisors, dear supervisor tang. on september 30th, an article appeared announcing affordable housing legislation sponsored by yourself and mayor lee. there is a group of 40 plus san francisco resident, we applaud your effort to ensure that affordable housing remain at the top of your list of priorities. as you are aware, long time residents of san francisco who reside at midtown park apartments are facing displace many from our homes. many would qualify for the housing to be built by 2020 per the new legislation. unfortunately, however a number of families could be displaced within coming days with no place to
5:13 am
live in this world class city who promise to keep san francisco a city of everyone to find themselves among the moem -- homeless population you currently seek to house. the city hall was once a midtown parks apartment resident. many families are in the midst of displacement where middle class housing is occurring. the five initiatives contapt -- contained in the new legislation, expiring of affordable units and no tenants in units are displaced. part of this effort is to propose a legislation that would strengthen the city's legislation tools. affordable housing with sponsors and housing and community
5:14 am
development will prohibit the kinds of agreement and culmination after 30 years. as it relates to tound apartment. >>supervisor london breed: thank you. i'm sorry, your time is up. [video] public speaker: can you talk to me. we've been standing outside of city hall for the longest trying to get your attention. mayor lee, don't ignore
5:15 am
us. that's not fair. we lost our children to homicide. why i'm saying that, my name is paul it brown and my son was murdered august 14, 2006. i have been out here, i have been to mayor willie brown and newsom and now the honorable mayor lee. i was very embarrassed that day. i want ed lee that i'm not going to bite you. all i want to do is let you know the pain is is still going on with mothers like myself. we want to put our pictures, we want a memorial and our children's pictures the same way that you are giving everybody else, sandy hook and domestic violence people. they are honored to put their pictures on the bus. i'm not asking to put the pictures on the bus.
5:16 am
this is what i have left of my son. this is what is going to on today with the murders on the streets to senseless violence. everybody knows who murdered my son. thomas hannibal, paris moffat, andrew videau, jason thomas. they were all out there when my son was murdered. i fight for other mothers and fathers. the mayor said i know who killed your son. how long do we have to grieve? i have been doing this for 9 years. the pain is still the same. no one should walk away from us. we are not going to hurt anybody. we can speak for our children better than anyone else. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
5:17 am
public speaker: good afternoon, everybody. san francisco has a long history of displace ment. i have lost my home and they promise equity and unfortunately a decade long work towards at a goal that began in 1995 and directors and in 2007 with your legislative body has been put to a halt. now, many folks facing gentrification for the third time. with increase or promise of evictions from the mayor's office of housing. if i may have the overhead, please. thank you.
5:18 am
now, these evictions they will commence october 12th, black on white. it says so there. if you do not sign your new lease it may become a public housing development. you will be evicted. we do face the largest flight of our eviction of residents. ten families already pushed out by the actions of mow and mercy. how many more have to leave. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: i will keep this brief. the board has a resolution in midtown to give people the at some point to own their apartment complex. if this is disregarded along with the
5:19 am
board of the eastern neighborhoods plan, then i'm not sure how you can persuade many residents that you are taking this seriously. >>supervisor london breed: thank you very much. next speaker, please. public speaker: i'm also here in part of the midtown tenant apartments. i'm doing a research project on their history and learned a tremendous amount about their history, their survival of redevelopment. midtown originated in 1969 as relocation housing. they are still owed quite a bit by the city and that doesn't seem to be forthcoming even though in 2007, the board of supervisors pledged that no resident in midtown would face displace ment. they are also receiving displacement
5:20 am
in 2007 the board of supervisors pledged that it would work in towards ownership. i don't see why we are working in the opposite direction from ownership. where the pledge is from the board of supervisors to continue to working with midtown residents for full ownership for their properties which in my opinion they are owed over many decades. some of these people had family members that owned victorians that were demolished in the 1960s. the least they can have now is ownership of their apartments. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: hello, my name is
5:21 am
andres. i'm here to support midtown housing. many of the people were evicted already from the fillmore and now these homes are worth quite a bit. after they were promised to have some now they are being lifted. it was promised to them if they did that in 2007 there would be some movement towards ownership. i would like to remind the people here that they have a certain duty to make good on the words they said. these words can't just be idol. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker please. public speaker: richard stone, san francisco party of county council. a san francisco resident here
5:22 am
to support midtown residents. i would like to thank eric mar in light of their testimony and shows that it's paid on both in terms of the activism that spoke of in light of many people that i know that on facebook just last week i had to talk down from a suicide attempt because he had been recently become homeless himself. and just seeing something like this happen on such a bad scale when we know that other remedies can actually be done. we certainly hope that in light
5:23 am
that is happening in the promise that supervisor breed make that will work in midtown. i hope that everything will be done in good faith. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. public speaker: hello, i'm here also to speak in support of midtown residents. i hope their questions will be answered and i hope they get a lease that is fair given the long context of displacement in that area and what they are owed by the city and in the context of san francisco's rising displacement. i think we need to consider the many forms that displacement can take. it makes sense to talk about
5:24 am
paying for one's share but we need to look at different ways that people can be displaced and the effect that this outcome will have. public speaker: good afternoon. i'm a 25 resident of midtown. we want ownership. madam president, today is the first time that you are willing to sit down to talk to us. we are so very happy because we've been trying for at least the last 3 months. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: hello, i'm
5:25 am
sylvia johnson. i have been going to court on these proceedings. i think we need to produce better things. or housing in 2006. there is no way that they did not accept that housing. built a good foundation. because of my eye sight.
5:26 am
i can't see very well. i have been going to school. our house is more important and all these people that are living on the streets. i think they are a bunch of things especially that helps cure cancer, cure all kinds of diseases. it's been our whole life. we need to put more steady housing instead of running people out of housing. this is a ridiculous way that it's doing to our society. this change and what we need in the world to go and do new ways of
5:27 am
living. >>supervisor london breed: thank you very much. next speaker please. public speaker: the united states is only fascist terrorist country who evict 85 years old people. united states concentration camp from new york to los angeles and san francisco only this country. today -- today board of supervisors on the streets eating from the garbage can, sleeping on the floor. how
5:28 am
such a country who spend so much money for this. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: my name is -- madam president, supervisors, tenderloin activist north of market.
5:29 am
i do appreciate the work of barbara taylor. she presented here information on am radio, a low tech methodology which doesn't require a lot of money. it's environmentally friendly. but in any audio visual representation by any information is transmitted by the audio signal alone. a trillion dollars worth of satellites could fall out of sky and am radio would still be working. it's a possibility. unfortunately. i appreciate what she said about her dad going to school. it's common in our generation. there was a lot of narrative that there was a lot of children of the war generation rejected their values and didn't want to
5:30 am
find a war and beliefs. one of the signs of aging and process is you get to see more complexity in life, when they got the gi bill from roosevelt they created the state college system and higher education system that my generation benefited from. they are the first wave of my own generation. it was much more complex than it was presented. i think the pendulum swings and a lot of speakers are in the middle. we are in a big pendulum swing now and things are changing. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker, please. public speaker: tom gilberte.
5:31 am
water under the bridge last week here, recology. i presume the trucks are going to make a return, four trucks an hour. 600,000 miles extra driving. now, 2015, in california, there is no water under the bridge. the carolinas there is a thousand year flood. climate change, climate wobbles. 5 million tons of diesel, soot and carbon. it's not in the direction we need to go. water under the bridge. more tons of soot and carbon. it's not where we want to go.
5:32 am
okay, last week, part 5 of the five part housing plan. we got resident condos for rental units. we got 30% market rate. the other percent, if you lived in an area for 30 years in a local zip code, these homes are for you. the next 15% if you lived in the area and you are a 20-year resident, these homes are for you. that's 25 homes local zip code. next 5% if you are a 30-year resident
5:33 am
in san francisco, a zip code, that's for you. the next 10%. >>supervisor london breed: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is debra benedict. a resident of 75 door street. i'm a disabled person who recently had my service animal run over by a speeding san francisco police car. this is a photograph here of my dog before cremation and i have put in a submissions for traffic calming treatments on my street at the top and bottom because cars race onto it off of howard street and folsom street. i would also since pedestrian safety is up, i would really love to find
5:34 am
out how to put a flashing light in the middle of the street because literally people are on four lane, one lane streets around my block and they cut through racing all the time. people have videos of the vehicle racing and there are children and seniors and other people living in my apartment building. another dog was hit by a car and blinded. i don't want to hear about children or elderly people being hit. this officer was just dropping off someone at the no. 52 a du across the street and there was zero reason for him to be speeding. i'm be rift because of the loss of my service animal and i would really like to improve the safety on the street where i live because danger
5:35 am
exist everyday. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker. public speaker: i would like to put this commentary on the tv. it took matthew henry 40 years to write his commentary in the bible. there is two guys in the testament who got what they wanted. it was solomon, he was the king and he asked for wisdom and elijah was wiser than him so he could speak to the lord. what would you say if god said you can have what you want? god told moses he was going to kill everybody in israel and start over with him. he did that with him instead of elijah because although elijah was saved he wasn't the type of christ as
5:36 am
moses was and he died on the cross for our sins and he knew moses was going to ask for forgiveness. if he asked elijah he would have asked for his wife. he asked solomon who asked for wisdom and specifically because you did not ask me to kill your enemies, i'm going to give you riches and you are going to be like no other king in all of israel. eventually truth is going to come out. god is a god of truth and jesus said, hear my voice. i called saturday and asked him to interview jones. he said no, that's national security. i'm hoping that rush limbaugh,
5:37 am
glen beckon knew will follow the lead. by the way, alex jones. it's a big story. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, next speaker, please. no other speakers, are there any other members who would like to provide public comment at this time, seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk can we go back to roll call for introductions. i would recognize supervisor kim. >>supervisor jane kim: thank you. first is to establish the warriors center and advisory committee. also what we are entitle will the mission bay. this is $14.1 million additional net tax
5:38 am
generated for the war era. beyond for affordable housing and parks and mission structure. what is being proposed by the mayor's office and my office to establish a fund which will set aside $10 million annually to ensure we are properly mitigating by the near arena joining our stadium. the annual operating cost. the fund will be there to be available for annual operating cost for sf mta, sf p.d. and dpw to dramatically improve the third service line for events. provide additional 28 parking for officers and to ensure traffic flow on evenings and daytimes. debt service for capital improvement to ensure new light rail vehicles
5:39 am
and for the mini metro to allow more attendees to deploy on the site and to reserve augment service on days with overlapping events at the proposed arena and at & t ballpark. i want to be careful to emphasize that this proposed legislation will follow approval of the proposed project that is currently before ocii and the board of supervisors, 100% project on private land. this established the major improvement advisory committee in the mission bay including the warriors, uc sf and representatives of district 6 office. i want to acknowledge the nine other members of the board of
5:40 am
supervisors, president breed, mar, tang, wiener and farrell and yee. i would like to continue this discussion to ensure as we bring another major arena to this city, a prospect that many are excited for that we are investing in the infrastructure needed to ensure our city can handle major events and additional needs for services. my second item is in relation to a new bill signed by governor brown and it's impact here potentially here in san francisco. as many of you remember on june 7, 2011. this board unanimously approved the treasure island disposition and development agreement. this project would create 8,000 units of housing. while the original deal committed 30% of housing for
5:41 am
low income and homeless in san francisco was brought forth by the governor to disolve the redevelopment agency. the treasure island development authority quickly recalibrated it's structure to the city department and commitment of affordable units to 25%. i made a personal commitment that if state law were to change, i would work to ensure that san francisco would recommit to 30% on the affordable goal on the island. further on the last negotiation we were able to make two amendments to the dda with the developer. one to increase the percentage of affordable units to 25% regardless of any change this state law and second allowing for increase to 30% should there be a state law changed within 5 years. supervisors avalos and
5:42 am
cohen and wiener joined me to assembly to amend states law to utilize tax increment to building 30% affordable housing. ultimately we were not successful in showing the inclusion of treasure island in ab 664. but recently we have had great news. on september 22nd, governor brown signed ab 2 for the state of california. this measure allows for public agencies and schools to establish and revitalize and specify disadvantaged communities including communities of crime, unemployment rate and former military bases. this measure will also draft
5:43 am
the documented lack of affordable housing that no funds generated would be set aside for affordable housing. this will take affect on january 2016. according to the dda, inquiring state law will come up in june of 2016. i'm calling upon the treasure island development authority board of directors to establish explore impact on treasure island and to develop recommendations to recapture the 2.5% of housing which was promised in 2011 and examine whether we can establish 40% of affordable housing on treasure island. i want to thank the board of directors who have committed to working with our office to see if we
5:44 am
can establish this 40% baseline. we see treasure island as the first community that will benefit this legislation. we should follow the giants and the ports lead of building 40% affordable and middle income housing and which is on the ballot for november requesting that any housing built on public land have a minimum of 30% affordable housing, 50% with middle income and the precedent that we are starting to set in our office to ensure that 40 is the new 30. a city where the brookins institution has recently found that income disparity is is growing faster than in any other city and where data from our own service agency with a widening gap. that figures showing for every
5:45 am
1,000 person in san francisco that 7.3 are worth a million like places like new york and washington d.c.. and san franciscans living in poverty has increased from 2007-2012. and with the wealth disparity illuminating the rapidly shrinking middle class declining over 10% over the same number of years. i think we as a city need to make a stronger commitment to ensuring that we are building as much affordable and middle income housing as possible. one of the plans is to do that and with the recent passage of the state law, i'm directing the board and staff to see if we can establish a baseline for
5:46 am
treasure island. i'm also requesting the planning department and mayor's office of housing explore a full range beyond treasure island that may qualify from the benefits on ab 2. the rest i submit. >>supervisor london breed: thank you. madam clerk, can we go to our 3:00 p.m. special order? city clerk: yes madam clerk, items 36-38 comprise the special order for a public hearing for persons interested in the public works decision dated september 18, 2014, for a tentative map for a new construction located at 289 perilta avenue.
5:47 am
>>supervisor london breed: supervisor avalos? >>supervisor john avalos: i requested this issue be continued because of a resolution in the courts. consistent with what we have done in the past, i would like to hereby move to continue this item to december 1st of this year. the parties will be having a case management conference that has been continued to november 18th. and with the understanding that hopefully there will be a resolution at that point. they have requested the continuance to december 1st. >> okay, supervisor campos has made a motion to continue to december 12th by supervisor farrell, colleagues. before we take this, is there any public comment on the continuance? seeing no public comment on the continuance, public comment is closed. okay, colleagues, can we take
5:48 am
the continuance or madam clerk, do we need a roll call vote for the continuance. city clerk: madam president, i believe you can do that. >>supervisor london breed: we'll take it to december 1, 2015, without objection. >> i believe the second? i didn't hear. >> supervisor farrell. >> that will move without objection. >> the public hearing will be opened. >>supervisor london breed: yes, thank you. where are we in the agenda? we are at the end. can you read immediate adoption without reference to committee. city clerk: items 45-50 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote may enact these items.
5:49 am
>>supervisor london breed: supervisor kim? >> >>supervisor jane kim: 46, >>supervisor scott weiner: 48. >>supervisor london breed: can you call the roll. city clerk: supervisor mar, aye, tang, aye, wiener, aye, supervisor yee, aye, supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, supervisor campos, aye, supervisors christensen, aye, supervisor cohen, aye, supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim, aye. >> those items are adopted. please read item 46. city clerk: to continue funding planned parenthood and for the san
5:50 am
francisco health center in the event of federal defunding. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor kim? >>supervisor jane kim: thank you, colleagues, i want to thank cosponsors for this resolution, supervisors campos, tang, mar, wiener, yee and cohen. this has become a quite important issue nationally as members of the house of representatives voted to defund planned parenthood. the countries largest provider of women's healthcare and also offered to cut 10% and have been cutting or eliminating family planning fund. this is anti-to a society that serves women. i hope that we send
5:51 am
the message that we will protect women in san francisco. this also supports planned parenthood and opposes any defunding of planned parenthood on a federal level and also the commitment to prioritize approval of funding to support the continued operation of our san francisco health centers in the event of federal defunding. colleagues, i ask for your support. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, supervisor kim. colleagues, can we take this item same house same call. without objection, this is adopted. next item. city clerk: item 47. approval of a 90-day extension for planning commission review for four ordinances restricting accessory dwelling units. >>supervisor scott weiner:
5:52 am
there is a typographical error. it should be february for 2016 for the 90 days. i move to make that change. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor wiener has made a motion. is there a second. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection. without objection the item passes. can we take the item colleagues, can we take this item same house same call. without objection this item is approved.. it's been adopted as amended unanimously. madam clerk? city clerk: in memoriams. today's meeting will be in adjournment on behalf of the entire board of
5:53 am
supervisors for ms. audrey carrie and ms. grace lee bogs. >>supervisor london breed: okay, madam clerk, is there any other business for today? >> we are adjourned. >> thank you. [ meeting we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>you. >> how is everything doing this morning. >> yeah. good morning, good morning happen october 1st
5:54 am
welcome to the indemnification awareness month events i'm dr. murase executive director of the one and only status of women department yeah. >> while we're waiting for the mayor who is in the audience please raise your hand if if your part of the con tomorrow other nonprofits service paradises in the room please raise your hand (clapping.) do we have commissioners department heads are city officials or city staff to support this cause (clapping.) there office of the city administrator other community members to dedicated to uventd solutions for domestic violence (clapping.) all right. thank you everyone for coming out we have a role in england domestic violence we're
5:55 am
especially police department to have mayor ed lee his comment to ending indemnification is evidence in the hectic budget and beginning later unanimous lighting of city hall purple you'll have to come back to see city hall to demonstrate his commenting commitment a number of very important announcements to make many morning please help me welcome the champion to end domestic violence mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> thank you emily and thank you to you and the commission to our city agencies our elected leaders that are here as well to join me in a need to refresh our collaboration and to do more to end domestic violence we're not just talking about reducing it we should really focus our sites on ending it and emily is right.
5:56 am
i begin by making sure that the budget that we have and it's a large budget but what i've tried rush very much in the years to make sure that the work with the board to say have it budget reflect our san francisco values and one of the strongest value together agreement walter without any doubt to end domestic violence and in doing so i want to point out that more people and everybody has a role in this it is not just our eloquent community basis agencies that do an tribal wonderful job a key to our success noting not only the commission on the status of women not just me or elected officials we should find more partners and increase and build
5:57 am
a movement constantly to find more partners to evidently ends domestic violence we're finding out more and more it takes our entire voyage of san francisco duo to do a better job i'm very proud of our budget an additional million dollars i know when we announced that not only were their smiles but conform that the voices and the ideas you have the penetration that goes into ignorance about this or excuses or misinformation we need to go deeper and wider with our message this additional noirldz is consistent westbound a direction we've had 90 in our entire budget in the years we've increased grants in our domestic violence programs by over a hundred and 10 percent and we will side more if there are
5:58 am
better ideas to come up with those ideas penetrate that ignorance that we know is out there make sure we're always doing ♪ many currently and competent way go to our youth and hit the next generation they're with us and always say not only domestic violence it is skulks and human trafficking alls areas we care about we work together to make sure we do even more we also and know there are victims here we need to work but even better you can help us identify the things that led up to the horrible incidents you've faced but also about recovery how do we recover completely not no one gets left behind how to help their fathers and mothers the family nebraska's members don't even better so
5:59 am
symbolically this city will be lit up and wear purple and show purple and have that meg out but as you may know those things are symbolic we need to have that message taken t taxi is deeper and wider today, i'm very proud to make sure that you know your city is not only supporting we want to be a great part of it that's why a couple of announcements today on very important programs we're launching today the very first consistent with what i said we need to have a lot more communication so we're providing very strong adds and we're going to infiltrate spaces an muni buses to maybe anymore areas of the city that will want it place adds out to launch and education campaign that we fled to end domestic violence and we
6:00 am
need to help people understand what to do so this launch on the muni spaces begins now we b have been working with muni we're going to smartly not just kind of saying let's put up adds but took data from the family violations couldn't and look at the 9-1-1 calls come from in the city and concentrate our areas this is where things are or things are happening this is smart using dale data an incredible council of people report to us where things are happening and focusing our energy and he'll on the other hand, you'll see some are wearing i've getting got 3s in different languages and complained in areas of the city we know things are happening
6:01 am
chinese and spanish and english, of course, and more languages to make sure he got to make sure the message is out so not just the symbolicness of purple as explaining what we do we are also part of the message here is that we created a website the website is called learn what to do .org learn what the do again educating everybody about how to help folks in need and help folks recover and recognize and understand the red flags the commission has been great in identify that people on staff have identified there is also part of that launch and learn experience we now have a website you to go to a cultivating competent websites in difference of different languages to understand how to help i'm also
6:02 am
proud in announcing implementation that connects our city employees directly to the officer efforts in the community we've worked dwlos with nike and all the departments within our audience as i said earlier volunteers that xhimentd committed yourselves to be part of the movement within the city family of volunteers to create a liaison people who are going to do help others understand and make sure that things are record this is an incredible effort by the city i know that our director of human resources mickey is hear and speaking in detail i'm proud of city employees i've worked alongside of you for 27 years and stwreel proud whether you work with the police department, in over
6:03 am
commission on the status of women with our staffer on the board and staffer in the mayor's office whether you're working in addition like the city planning department or commission i want everybody to talk about it and understand it even more this is a great movement this is something that we've been proud of i know in recent years we slntd you know months of no homicides and, of course, we are met up with unfortunate circumstances and this reminds us how much more work we have to do more than just standing beside you we need to bring more people in and have city hall with no room for standing of people that want to commit themselves for more we begin with the thirty thousand people government that we have i'm proud to represent
6:04 am
but i also want to say thank you to the numerous community-based agencies i repeat it you're the key to our success and able to talk to people their culturally challenging different languages and the things that happen in their families and connect in a right way the police department and the department of public health and the social department and responder to be we have to do better and more and more in government given a stronger foundation we have it we're trying to prevent this from happening we know if we let go of things things will happen and get more and more about preservation we need more propose properly educated and trained in other words, to do that i'm proud to make sure your city is lit up and people to
6:05 am
wear those the purple and to make sure that people are aware what i'm mostly proud of the day to day work the confuses the break there is no when our dealing with violence you know when i speak of a victim but people that know people that are involved in violence domestic violence you know it is sometimes extremely difficult to talk to people a brown that tension started happening and gets away this is a challenge a lot of people it is kind of easy after the violence has happened to then touch someone it is harder it is harder to get to those red plastic bags flags and say this is going in a bad way stop slow down and start talking and resolving that before it gets out of hand this is what you're
6:06 am
city is privileged to do with a strong budget and have that budget reflected in our san francisco values thank you for being here today and not only celebrating awareness but making sure that works more for everyone and thank you for understanding the more roles that everybody has to play in order to get to zero homicides but also stop the violence thank you very much. (clapping.) >> thank you so much mr. mayor this year we're focusing on the people who are working in the trenches we have our services providers and liaisons over here (clapping.) and we're so fortunate to have
6:07 am
our assessor-recorder carmen chu (clapping.) and supervisor scott wiener has joined us today (clapping.) and next up the president open the commission of status of women airbnb debris served over 15 years under there 3 marries a mayors a fierce leader please join me in welcoming our leader. >> (clapping.) thank you well, good morning san francisco look at us my goes on every year we gather to acknowledge and get moving on domestic violence awareness month this crowd gets larger and it just makes any heard heart 80 so glad as emily mentions i've been on the commission of status
6:08 am
of women for women for some time a privilege and honor when they says i'm the most senior member people are calculating my age i'm proud to stand with the folks behind me and most specifically with our mayor every time i hear the mayor speak to those issues i know from more than just strong policy stance and problematic efforts it comes from his heart i, tell i appreciate that so very much let's thank our mayor for the leadership he's providing on a daily basis to make sure all our families are savvy want to quickly acknowledge other folks with us certainly we have our friends from the district attorney's office that worked very hard
6:09 am
give them a hand absolutely (clapping.) and our collaborative efforts sunny shorts a champion against family violence in the brainchild of so many great things including working with the sfiekz and the rfp program so we're god gladys she's been with us for some time and dedicated leader on this issues that is the first domestic violence campaign at aimed at by a stands in the city that is very key and very important i think that maybe the first bystander campaign in this country so you you'll are here not only to gather together to get things started for san francisco but you, your leading the way for 24 nation so as the mayor mentions that
6:10 am
we're addressing all relationships all family relationships and espousedal relationships including the lgbt relationships the ads are in english and spanish and chinese and has mentioned we use and working hard to make sure that is driven it is database so we don't just go out and plaster the city with information and that may not necessarily target those audience or those members of our community that need it the most the family violence council has been just exceptionally so wonderful and so very helpful and so strong and they focus on
6:11 am
this particular campaign so we thank them also be running adds an facebook so talk about a really powerful partnership with our tech leaders here that are based in san francisco they're going to be a very critical part of this particular add campaign along with okay. you cupping that i had gets the grinders (laughter) and people media so we thank them and any of their representatives many, many thanks and appreciation everyone has a role no stopping domestic violence we know a value of this city is domestic violence is a community issue is as community matter that's when we come together as san francisco family to make
6:12 am
sure that those persons that are witnessed to that are seeing as the mayor described feel safe and supported in their effort to possible save someone's life to possible save someone's life so we want to make sure that we create and atmosphere and environment and ethic in this city about safety for everyone that is appreciated and imagineable that someone can provide to be an aide and assistant i've very proud to represent the historic commission on the status of women and this particular effort and going to count on every single one of you to spread the word to make sure we end domestic violence so thank you
6:13 am
all for being here this evening (clapping.) >> and one other thing that people can also go and visit learn what to got that is a that with me. >> learn what to >> (repeated.) >> spread the word. >> if i could ask the domestic violence liaisons to come over your next speaker someone making the first appearance so liaison come over here we'll recognize you. >> go liaison. >> (laughter). (clapping.) while with we're going it a few for shout outs representatives from the police department let's
6:14 am
give them a beg hand (clapping.) and folks from the mayor's office km (clapping.) the juvenile probation department thank you for joining up i us (clapping.) barbara gazacy from the health department and joys and beverly from the office of labor standards i saw nancy from the da's office someone making her first appearance in this annual human resources mick write callahan responsible for the recruiting and remaining over thirty thousand employees of the number one employer city government a new program that
6:15 am
the mayor annuity please help me welcome human resources director mickey callahan (clapping.) thank you very much it is a privilege to be here and privilege to speak about an exciting new program that dr. murase and mayor ed lee mentions our domestic violence liaison program we're struggling about how to reach out to at the employees with though thousand employees there will be 13 hundred city employees that are survivors of domestic violence domestic violence is also a human resources issue with 65 percent of humans reports that effects their ability to work and the cdcs the domestic violence is $1.8 billion
6:16 am
nationwide we care about our employers we wanted to provide them resources in the same way as a wellness program we're happy to work with wonderful staff in the department want status of women i want to call up kendall and some of the (clapping.) human resources our chief policy person (clapping.) and so the program is launching this month we have posters on the workplace and 50 people as you see men and women all backwards we want everyone to feel they can call someone they trust i want to close with at quote from one the application we received from a volunteer which i found compelling actually 3 but you'll only cry but let me read this one i've been a victim myself and
6:17 am
believable it is extremely important for someone experience domestic violence it have support and wanted to their my journey to emphasize it can happen to anyone and survivalable that's the wonderful kind of volunteers we have thank you very much dolores park >> thank you very much nike and a couple of folks we have the 3 family violence you'll hear if later (clapping.) so next is we have a very special treat christian from a sfusd while at burton high school startled an innovative group that helps athletics to
6:18 am
raise awareness and your understanding a grant from the children of families please help me welcome christian organ (clapping.) >> hello and thank you one thing i'm christian i'm the co-founder of this my sophomore in high school there was so much t of assault from athletics and work with my quiche to the side he cape about how to be part of the solution he kauptd with that a rape preservation to know that athletics are telling the exultant that is going on and needs to stop at that time the other athletics in the high school football team
6:19 am
we trained them how to write grants and went back to the department and started that is consistent of a curriculum and taking talking about the infrastructure of rape and what is didn't understand as we talked about the deposition rape and soushl souls that he rape and gang we give them the specifics and the real life situations we got into the puma prevent they wanted to take this message out and showed what we leaders how to come up to reach a mass of people we calm can you came up with the annual preservation of rape we got approval from the staff from burton high school i went to the principal and explained it and rape awareness from there, i
6:20 am
took news to the academy and they were ecstatic from there we created poster in every language to plaster the walls of burton high school so anyone that walked the hauls we are supportive of the victims after that we keep k kept going forward and now at santa fe state weave had our first rape awareness last year (clapping.) the pumping school to move forward having chapters united nations nationwide to educate young men so they have a knowledge and opening the table for discussion which they grew up they can be better functioning adult and have a role in the conversation so sooner we can put an end to this
6:21 am
heinous crime thank you (clapping.) >> thank you so much christian and telling missouri ma we appreciate that now turn to a nonprofit service committee as you can see the society director the asian shelter in so 88, 27 years ago i went to this year shelter which will go on to become only the third shelter in the country to help asian families please help me welcome (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone start to wiggle our tows so how calibration keeps going i'm very happy to be here i'm over and over kid with the asian shelter
6:22 am
some of my coworkers are here on october fierce the start of the domestic violence month we know that domestic violence awareness month not the most we're aware of domestic violence we know department of transportation awareness month is the month we push awareness heard than at&t any other awareness we growing and working to address it in all the diverse ways so when i look across the room and till when i drive around san francisco on any day this might be a mark but when i drive around the city i think about all the different was and the different people who are work on case of domestic violence every day i think about crisis workers and the shelter advocates and police officers
6:23 am
and introoerm decreases and lgbtq advocates and burn staff and probation officers and leaders and journalists that be definitely putting a story out that public benefits worker in every sector but youth workers and teachers and childcare workers and attorneys in immigration law. >> criminal law and judges and family members and friends and loved ones and it is a lot of people who are really toughing domestic violence every day with the roll i'm not talking about the people that are just in life i think about our city as people mentions a hard year in the domestic violence field so i think about children who have stopped their fabricate from killing higher mother and
6:24 am
crisis to protect themselves from acts and about transgender women that have lost their life since we meet october 2014 i'm thinking about the access support for the people in the room and been the people that have not the people who lives have mattered more in the public eye or the mainstream movement and people lives that have not and people that come into contact and witnessing domestic violence and nerve and feeling there might be more dread of domestic violence and currently using a pattern the graduation and cell and denies october 1st what will i say what are we trying to make more aware and
6:25 am
what conversations are the conversations we want to push ourselves this month than many other moments the sooner moment to have those conversations not the moments after a tremendous loss has happened we want to talk about more than that denies though sometimes starting the conversation is more than just recognizing domestic violence happens in 11th relationship not just straight relationship we the 80 want to go further, however, from the conversation starts there let's start where we or it is more than that making survivors and community members aware obviously the conversation should start there or not we want people to know what we provide in the city we're not here to tell you what
6:26 am
you do or judge you over the experience the violence we're not here to say you must do abc d or whatever that's not what we were going we want to people to know i'm with the asian shelter or people to know we've trained anti advocate domestic violence protects to talk about what is happening to you not a special right we're not going to think about it which someone calls what language is that we want people to know transpeople you can come o to a ows some save places in the area and other lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders we have programs that are not just thinking that
6:27 am
we can fit you into what exists but programs trying to center you this is real and barriers our addressing and lower-income but you're addressing barriers you're facing that deserve special attendance and special programming safety funding not other funding that gets cut i think also the things we're trying to build is also more than saying there are all those bystanders with a role to play we know that every survivor didn't get programming he know that we do know that every survivor goes to someone that he trust at some point you go to the friend the trusted community member maybe not member who that will support you but go to small business that is our role to see those people as the kind of personnel whether they have a badge or degree maybe in
6:28 am
mechanic engineering they're also people that need support and training they need help with awareness and understanding that not just domestic violence happens but their victims or perpetrators but domestic violence is a nuance we want them to know we want to build their awareness if someone fights back or swears or there is no something that didn't mean that person a an abuser if you're a mythical unicorn of a human being we want our people to be seen as people and respond with xhashgs compassion and non-in the right direction judgment and support and in the papers all the time having the responses i've never
6:29 am
seen him angry or upset which he's at my housed we start from different places some people start with that and hear department of transportation no, no we're totally respect if he will if he that's not how domestic violence works what happens at home didn't happen everywhere that's the whole point we want to build are you think the awareness of everyone ourselves as workers and community members and family friend and sooner rather than later and action dominates from awareness so action in we've come a long way month is a big deal. >> (clapping) and next it alicia the volunteer corridor for women inc. it stands for women organized to
6:30 am
make abuse non-exist she'll let know about assistance to family and friends exercising abuse please help me welcome. >> the clerk will take the roll >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> aim alicia the economic & workforce development corridor at women inc. we've worked to empowers the survivors to create lives free of violence within the lastful few years we offer services to those if he should by woman we receive call many from survivors themselves and receive calls from community partners and friends and families seeking support how to help loved ones we notice the gap in san francisco of family members of survivors we've
6:31 am
created a support group with the family members impacted by family members the support group begins in october we encourage you to call for information we recognize denies can effect multiple people at levels we recognize that ding is a communities issue with a role to play the healing is important we hope by offering the forgives tools to take back to our communities to help the communities healing where our a friend or family member embarked by defendant's no. 1 denies you're not alone and support it a big deal thank you (clapping.) thank you, alicia before we introduce your last speaker talking about how everyone has a
6:32 am
big role to play shout out to her and her team they've created an app for domestic violence i siefrlz looking for sincerity so, please checkout that auto save night an app on your phone next last but not least i want to thank beverly upton the director of the domestic violence consortium (clapping.) she's a true force of nature nothing gets in between beverly and woman experiencing domestic violence countless lives have an saved by her we're pleased to stand together with her please help me welcome our hero beverly upton (clapping.) thank you so much thank you all i'm also so overwhelmed when i
6:33 am
see our work is seen thank you all so san francisco is on a long road and the road leads towards progress and safety and justice it is long i been at the consortium tech 10 years and you've been there 15 years we're on a path heated in the right direction we have a lot to do and we're going to do it we're going to do it together when we look at the progress we've made over the last few years i wish mayor ed lee was here thank you for increasing the small budget but it gets bigger every year for people shelter and seeking hedge fund different languages to survivors everyday those dollars make a huge difference that's a huge investment in our community our
6:34 am
beloves communities the mayor's office wait (laughter) the san francisco police department wow. i mean, look how far we've come bilingual apps on the phones and language lines figuring out how to speak to the survivors everyday trying to do berries the commission everyday under suzy loftus trying to do betters everyday is it perfect no do we agree on everything no, but we are on the path we are on the path (clapping.) c hr wow. progress huge police radios making something that was a dream happening looked at our colleagues our advocates our friends in their purple lace how
6:35 am
autism is that how autism is that we need to mix everybody and make sure that all the advocates know the liaisons and probation sunny and chief karen and andrea wow. a great partnership to make sure our intervention program is efficient active and getting better they're too on the path to saving lives we have to help them get better we are we are (clapping.) and then we talk about the beloved community we have to talk about the department of the status of women born to do this work this was why the department and the commission was founded it grows every year and captains but this is added heart we love them we love their leadership the staff that does so much and
6:36 am
the staff and emily who always such a thoughtful leader on those issues (clapping.) and then our beloved community our beloved communities while we're at fundraiser and doing the things their answering the phones and getting people that are so afraid in so many languages to say you save wow. that's huge you guys are are saving lives every single day i think about the department of the status of women the staffing and pulling together the council katie and shawn y in a and child's abuse fits together to continue on this path it such an honor i'm so grateful and have to say that we still have no more work to do the two lastly
6:37 am
homicides i see you there you know my heart is with you the last two domestic violence homes we had and perhaps more but the 20 last who were gun violence someone that shouldn't have had a gun raised it in anger and killed someone at the end of a domestic violence episode we have to address gun violence the d b community (clapping.) - >> and i'm part ever it i think we've been shy over the years because we have so much to do just doing what we are doing we're kind of afraid to try to expand but look here is our opportunities we can join with our brothers and sisters trying to keep guns out of the hands of violent people those are our brothers and sisters we're not
6:38 am
alone all of us are moving on the path we need more i need to take a second before he hope to end on a high note i want to honor the folks that lost their lives to domestic violence and have to say it not as over and over kid said not always in the paper it is the suicides on the bmg or the golden gate bridge or the child that was over and over infanticide over and over the person that left san francisco or ended up in the bay they started here they are all ours can we have a moment of silence to think about them thank you (silence). >> so with that, let's try to move into denies awareness month make sure that we all keep working together we all take care of each other that work is
6:39 am
hard work let's move that path is wide and room for all of us thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you so much beverly we want to ask my staff to come forward i want to thank all the department staff please come forward (calling names.) (clapping.) >> so given the amount of work our department do don't people think i have a department of the hundred people he want i to see our staff we're also helped by policy fellows (calling names) who are here by really want to thank ken that has worked on this from start to finish please give her a big hand dolores park and so finally we want to thank
6:40 am
the deputy director of staff paul monte sereno son and thank you all for joining us and be sure to take pictures of city hall purple tonightma'am. >> good morning and welcome to the department of aging & adult services shall we call to order and roll call. >> commissioner president james
6:41 am
commissioner loo is a little bit and scombhoo is absent supervisor kim's and please note the deputy director is present okay could i have a motion to approve the october 7, 2015, agenda. >> so moved and it's been moved and seconded for agenda >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so the that item passes can i have approval of the okay. we have a timely more we can't approve the consent calendar here at this time for families service agency because it is over the amount item two the 42 thousand the limit is 25
6:42 am
we not approval that at this time okay good morning commissioner president james and deputy director on may 7th david presented to the commission a 10 percent contingency we'll use on the contracts we mentioned that we would formally put everything on the sxhenlt agenda regardless of 25 thousand for the consent to use the contingency that's why the 42 is on the consent. >> i don't - it is 25 thousand not 29 this is not the policy that we have been following and see i'm going to deny approving that at this time.
6:43 am
>> okay. >> commissioner president james i think what she's saying the may meeting when david who at this time was head of contracted recorded to you that's y what we'll be doing you approved that at this time this is the first instance we've seen of that this is all it is instead of having to do a whole new item or 10 percent contingency it is not as though our approving a brand new item only the 10 percent contingency under extent the staff and also the contractor don't center to go through a brand new process every time a brand new item for 10 percent. >> commissioner sims. >> commissioner sims (laughter) it was from a point of clarification if we approved a budget item that is inclusive of
6:44 am
a 10 percent conspiracy why at force at all it is already approved. >> the point is that it is just showing you again, we actually are experiencing the 10 percent contingency; is that correct. >> i'll submit it is confusing. >> yes. >> if we've already approved a 10 percent conspiracy it seems to me not appearing in the consent agenda but wrafr be assumed by the paz. >> easier for us commissioner serlina. >> my recollection at the time the approved the 10 percent we were told told when was exercised we would be notified that's why it is on the consent agenda. >> i really would this is why we have a budget committee i really would like to refer
6:45 am
this back to the budget committee so the meat on this as a permanent item if he with approved it originally we shouldn't have to go through and put it in 0 the agenda for a 10 percent contingency downstairs i'd like to accepted it back to the budget committee. >> to look at this and a better process bra we change the rules okay. >> it was approved on may 7th it is a matter of information we're putting it on consent so technical we have your approval for the item. >> commissioner president james what if we were to do something where we put a if we have a way to put a notification on the agenda so that you know it is not a consent item you're not approving that but novelist maybe a new i don't know just a
6:46 am
new line item you know exercise. >> i don't want to hold up the agenda today, i on the budget committee ought to use the time to look at this and find a smoother way to handle that i want to table it at this time this is not clear the process is not clear we spending time discussing this so i really want to refer it by a, to the budget committee yes commissioner serlina. >> if we table this now about it delay funding. >> we've already approved that. >> i want to make sure by tabling this aspect it will for the delay it. >> since you've approved it we're fine and then you can figure out the budget committee can figure out howe how to put it. >> there's a second item on consent i don't know. >> so on john the new director
6:47 am
of contracts so the way we'll treat this it was approved in may and wait to figure out from the budget committee what the best process in the future. >> yes. yes. >> great, thank you. >> if i could make a incision i think the important point of visibility will be around when and if and how often a 10 percent contingency is deployed not as a consent item but not monthly or quarterly but good for us from the responsible point of view to be aware the 10 percent is deployed on one program or another not all but a sense of a year how often the 10 percent gets used. >> all right. we supposed to take action and not discuss those items on the consent
6:48 am
agenda with that, could we - we could take that item off and approve the one item of 5 thousand dollars on the consent agenda i need a motion. >> so moved. >> moved and seconded for the disability >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so the that item passes could we have approval the september 2, 2015, meeting minutes? >> so moved. >> any correction? >> could you have a motion to approve. >> so moved. >> seconded. >> been moved and seconded the minutes. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have to that motion carries. >> during public comment at
6:49 am
this time? >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners i want to afford ourselves the center center this opportunity i was instructed by the board and administrative staff unfortunately ann is not there in that chair we know she will be retiring soon and your perfectly acceptable we as an organization make sure that 2016 is our 45 year thank you to ann for all her support and hard work in terms of contractors agencies like the senior center our relationship when she was a
6:50 am
case worker if you will, and various other agencies that provided care and support to seniors and to just be perfectly honest to see the economy rise all the way up to department chair in terms of the office on imaging amp angling is a remarkable accomplishment we want to say that she'll get a lot of accolades but folks from the grassroots communities would you, please send that over to director. >> yes. i will and director hen will be at the meeting in november so if 0 she's definitely planning on being in the last meeting and if people want to say it at the last meeting. >> hopefully, i'll be able to be there we want to get it on the record you know how things become and thank you very much
6:51 am
commissioner. >> thank you any public comment? hearing none we'll move to reports employee of the most for the department of aging & adult services commission we recognize jeanie chang (clapping.) so i just want to start off by saying i was ham that jeanie katie tang was selected and employee of the month this month she works closely with me i want to talk about how great she is (laughter) i know you on the first thing
6:52 am
jeanie doesn't look like this, in fact, the biggest collection of harley davidson i asked her i want to see a fanciest harley davidson short she sclaenz up well, so i want to start off by asking you know there you are a bunch of people to support jeanie hopefully, you'll stand and see who is here to support jeanie today so this is incredible jeanie is my assistant and works closely with me as you can see jeanie is a support to the cyber department of casing department of aging & adult services she can do anything a utility and jack of all trades when they came into to work with me i have no idea about the capacity but
6:53 am
as people what happens with people that are good with things they get those piles of work and japanese i didn't takes on piles and piles of work she's so good we add things to her plate but somehow manages to do all of this this morning i was talking about a a clerk andrea ashbury colleague describe jeanie in one word grounded she takes on things when she gets a new task jumgdz into it so a couple of things i wanted to see about her, she does besides assist any for all the managers having a hard time with the system jeanie knows how to do that i say can you fix this our budget forms we have to do if we screw up she know how to fix them she was one of the people that worked with
6:54 am
tom and hugh and joseph and other people on the alzheimer's walk and threw herself into that we raised $30,000 as a department this year she does special things for ann and dennis us on the department of aging & adult services days and works with planning i have to say we don't have people like her we are fortunate and want to thank you on behalf of the department all you do (clapping.) >> and i get thi get thisy gu
6:55 am
>> (clapping.) >> director's report deputy director sherry republican back on so director hen sends here apologizes she can't be here she mentions last month, a meeting with the villages and jacqueline and others are in seattle or went to seattle to do a presentation about the villages and what san francisco is doing with the villages so hopefully that went reality well and rushing back tonight to be here foyer marty's retirement and leaving tomorrow morning she has asked me to let you know she is on the office on the 19 only is
6:56 am
that right she's traveling for work and trying to get in vacation a couple of things this week that looks like the standards act issues for in house services will go through it means that ihss workers will have a right to over time a pay that means that it is kind of a nightmare for the staff how to implement that and it looks like because there were an appeal and the appeal waltz denied that the f l s a will go into effect november 19th we have little time we're looking like the director is scrambling to make sure that we have the staff in
6:57 am
place to be able to handle all of that administrative extra administrative work this is a big thing on the horizon for ihss and the second thing the people if ihss are not here we had an award that come from the stat to our ihss program our staff has seven years of completion or 90 percent completion of the reassessments for clients that's reels huge most of you know that ihss in san francisco has a greater penetration rate with total population than any other population ihss program in the state we have high clients and a caseload yesterday we have a pacific heights party for accident ihss staff to recognize for the level of services is really good
6:58 am
(clapping) >> joe nelson left our program director for adult protective services weighing we've depended with the health association and usf to do a reporting project to look at basically had a intensive work with people that have behavior what intensive work terms of in terms of changing that behavior jill throughout the commission might be interested in getting a presentation at some point if commissioner president james our interested she'll come sometime and do a presentation it is interesting and help inform how we do some of the work in the adult prospective services in the future i think that is basically what i have right now director hen doesn't give me things i know
6:59 am
she probably had updates in the federal government and state but she'll have to report in november when she gets back. >> thank you. any questions for the commissioners? any questions hearing none thank you very much now the advisors council report good morning commissioner president james and commissioners deputy t the advisory committee meet on wednesday, september the 16 that meeting we discussed an article that was written by mrs. robin douglas from the engaged magazine the summer edition on an issue that people thought were for a younger generations
7:00 am
billions rotunda the school yard and bullying among seniors that is a phenomena that is taking shape across the country and more research is being done we think of bullying we - we think of younger folks in high school and colleges that is taking place in adult day seniors and senior living facilities and more research is being done on this interesting article the california's living edge engaged summer edition once more research and looking at that also at this time we had a presentation by mrs. karen garrison she came and gave an overview of the two projects air engaged in the senior program project and the foster program she did a wonderful overview it
7:01 am
was a great presentation by her >> our membership committee i'll put that to the last at the last commission meeting we had a report regarding c s l with a vacancy from san francisco county i'm happy to announce mrs. betty is phil that vacancy question we have two folks they'll be representing the city and county of san francisco at the c s l the california senior legislator we have the education committee having a presentation at the center this coming friday i'm happy to say that the seats went within two weeks it is a full
7:02 am
house on elderly abuse updates and resources a great panel we'll be doing more in the series on elderly abuse i think hopefully, they'll also look like this one and we don't have thing but at least we're always looking for new people on the council i'm pleased to say that we have a new council person if district 11 ms. patricia patty who is in the audience patty come and introduce yourself to you. >> good morning and thank you, everyone i look forward to serve i work with the community connectors introduce the committee campaign and our connectors are located balboa
7:03 am
park i mean balboa high school the way we measure our success seniors walking listen to come to our exercise class and walking home together so we're slowly building wonderful relationships i ask you to follow up on facebook thank you. >> thank you. >> were there any questions on my report i'm sorry? none >> oh, yes. >> yes. >> i was just checking i think
7:04 am
the nominating committee she needs to appear i'll have to check that out before the nominating committee. >> yes, ma'am i wanted to check with any advisors. >> she was appointed by commissioner avalos. >> she went before the rules committee they appointed her. >> okay let me check you'll check that out i think we usually do that's why i was checking with any vice president they come before the commission for approval okay. but i will check out the bylaws i think that is important just one question application. >> i'd like to thank madam secretary bringing he did for giving the advisory committee updated and new binder as new
7:05 am
council folks come before broad they'll have the bylaws and how to proceed thank you bridget. >> thank you the joint legislative committee report. >> so diane our co-chair is not here diane provides this report to the commission so as the moon is to the sun i'll do the best i can to reflect the the wisdom amen. >> i have interesting things to report we met on wednesday, september 16th and since that time several pieces of legislation were assigned by the governor and those islam i've been made aware are the following ab x end of the life option
7:06 am
introduced pie sxharz with co-author and senator mark leno the legislation was sb 28 the bill cleared the cattle senate but installed in the assembly in july the authors has introduced a by josh it authorized on a adults determined by his or her attend port commission to make a request for drugs pursuant those o those provisions for the purpose of ending his or her life the legislation will expire in 10 years unless it passes another law to extend it the govern signed even though bill quote i don't know what i would do in a progressed and painful
7:07 am
situation to consider the option afford by the bill i will not deny that to others california will be the 5 state for suicide behind oregon washing michigan and developing ab the transfer on death d legislation was a passed by assemblyman glen call it was signed into law a homeownership should be deed to upon passing assembly bill will not only remove a layer of stress but relief california's over-burdened court system by assuring that real property didn't enter the bureaucratic probate process the task force was passed she recall brown authorized the legislation that
7:08 am
establishes the task force on family caregiver for the challenges faced by chavez and opportunities to support and review the services and supports available to caregivers it is my understanding the signing of those 3 pieces of legislation the total senior legislator c s o chartered in the 33 history is 2 hundred and 9 pieces of legislation our committee also enjoyed enjoyed a presentation from dana private attorney that concerned others lgbtq task force prior to his position worked in the elderly law project of the national center for lesbian rights his report on the lgbtq
7:09 am
long term car facility bill of rights sponsors by supervisor wiener and commissioner avalos is it makes it clear illegal to discriminate against elderly based on their squall orientation or hiv status the legislation spells ousted what constitutes discrimination against the lgbtq folks in those facility it doesn't introduce any new rights but clarifies the rights of people that exists under laws a tool for advocates to provide important suck since guideline for populations the ordinance will make the caregiver to - including designating a lgbtq liaison that undergoes training to respect
7:10 am
the residents issues to be replaced by pronounce of their choice and the two residents to share a room not reassignments as a complaint of a gender or squall orientation identity it will be based on their lgbt status drugs specific to an lgbt residents is covered by the ordinances as the refresh my memory to care facilities to allow them to use restrooms available to other genders it is recorded in san francisco there are 88 residential care facilities 22 nursing and 75 remaining adult sfaltsz for a total of one 75 location subject to this ordinance dan recorded other community i counties are
7:11 am
looking this for a good luck in the respective locations not a meeting the joint legislative committee next on wednesday in front of 18 you thank you new commissioner co-chair. >> just call me moon. >> okay then any questions from the commissioners okay. thank you long term care coordinator council report. >> good morning, commissioners i'm ann i'm a member of the long term court reporting council the chief officer on meals on wheels today i'll give you an update and highlights from the last meeting we met on thursday september 10th the long term the
7:12 am
highlights is from the steering committee i met that kate howard from the mayor's office to make sure that we let her know where we are headed similar to here but on a monthly basis we heard from kathy on the party planning for the party with a purpose i hope most of you heard of that on october 3rd from 12 to - registration online it is acknowledging the 10 year of the long care council it includes mary as our mc and others from aging the keynotes speaker four break out sessions the goal of action items to report back to the large group all the invitation are out and we have capacity for 200 and 50 people a
7:13 am
presentation the meeting was focused on housing the presentation was from bryan chu from the mayor's office of housing and community development regarding the portable housing to make sure the forms and practices are consistent with the providers we heard from michael solomon that provided an update of the building of the system and by the end of the year that will go live we don't have the launch date and the short term former process will follow it was noted not everyone has access to computer and/or smart phones we eye paper so we made a recommendation there is a communication and synergy between the mayor's office of housing and community development and san francisco housing authority so bryan chiu u chu confirmed he'll reach out and - also, we had a
7:14 am
presentation from the mayor's office of housing and community development focused on the housing bond to get an update to it was a general it was to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote overview of the 2015 general obligation bond the city starts the rehab of 14 hundred units next month and 2 thousand more coming over the summer the bill was to make thirty percent of the housing development affordable and those are the highlights any questions about it? >> one quick question about the party for a purpose. >> yeah. >> 12 thirty to 5:30 when is the actual party. >> that would be i'll get back to you. >> we'll get back to you.
7:15 am
>> i know the schedule what was the question. >> when the actual program or someone want to stop by but not be there the whole time. >> (inaudible). >> great, thank you. >> thank you. c jessica. >> next the take tick report kathy russ so not here case good morning, commissioners sherry reign with the catholic charity i'm representing case case is this is our advocacy platform season we have multiple committees five or six putting
7:16 am
together and developing a platform for their issue of concern they're out collecting data and doing their research our groups are very, very busy right now our meeting in october is normally schedule for october 12th columbus day we wanted to invite ann to honor also known as schedule changed to the next monday october 19th and get feedback if ann she's departing our platform will be finalized in november and the last concern is if case in that the 80 r d c add back dollars what can given to the department of aging & adult services and case really felt they were specific and what our advocacy platform was the a b r.c. how the dollars are defying you
7:17 am
didn't do individual up and some district have and we understand the department of aging & adult services has the ability to shift around the numbers we notice a question about unit of service with full-time equalcy to staff for the clients that are being asked to serve our concerns with the a b d c dollars add back and brought to your attention and hoping that things get ironed out a little bit those are our concerns any questions. >> would you stayed that again your concern i'm listening and originally case platform was that every district in san francisco would have a one full-time qualitycy staff we are not sure that happened it looks
7:18 am
like things shifted we understand and the other concern the number of units of service agencies are being asked to do where is the parity which one full-time person their asked to do this many units of service and one-half additional or the same units of service so there is questions that have been raised as case bringing it forward as concerns. >> thank you uh-huh. >> any questions for commissioners and i want a clarification your concerns were discussed with staff prior to the development of the budgets we're being asked to approve today; is that correct. >> they've been discussed i guess when we were looking when what we saw agencies kablt compare against other agencies there are a question of the parity and why the expectation
7:19 am
is different those questions are raised in the past. >> the staff will be aware of the supervisorial district by the units of service they understand where you see potential adjustments or movement during the presentation of the budgets we could direct such questions for staff he did staff will be prepared to answer those questions. >> i believe so. >> thank you any old business? is none at this time new business review the funds for 6 month report january by kari wong okay. >> hi, good morning commissioners. >> good morning. >> i'm kari wong the director
7:20 am
of the long term. >> could i have a motion ionize i'm sorry to discuss. >> it's been moved and seconded our on now. >> start over par. >> there's nothing to approve that's what i thoughts i was right go ahead. >> good morning. i'm kari wong director of long term care for the department of aging & adult services i have the pleasure 6 is this better? arrests i have the pleasure of presenting highlights of the c l s the living fund report to you this report period between january and june 2015 as you may know the community living fund provides in home services using the case management and the purchase of services to the mechanism for the institutiontion during the period their continues to be a
7:21 am
steady referral sources to the community living fund one hundred 44 referrals and during the same time time period we served more clients than normal 6 hundred and 59 clients record breaking from the previous six months because of the transitional purposes slow the senior center a subsidiary of the home services programs that was doing the transitional care contract with medicare during the same time period a satisfaction survey that was pilfered to clients in june of 2015 and it was a very high 85 percent satisfaction for the clients that received the services the response rate was 74 percent out of a total of
7:22 am
hundred and 79 and lastly c l f was awarded one million dollars for the fiscal period to focus on home care and hateful laguna honda was the focus on those trifgs c l f will target recipe from other san francisco based on transitioning into the community so not just laguna the housing support services through the scattering sites will be empowered and looking for the xhaushgal details with the master lease holders and provide housing retention that will have more updates in the next staff report that concludes the highlights of the report any questions? >> oh, commissioner sims.
7:23 am
>> one a minor one in the demographics portion of the report there is a bullet that says almost 1/3rd for instance, referrals from white it is should wish stated more than 1/3rd is 33 percent and the other question i had about the demographic study one of the things we've learned from the lgbt task force it was difficult to track our lgbt self-identifying seniors in the city no reference in the report to that segment it is interesting to understand and no gender definition been men and women it would be interesting to have a better understanding of that you. >> we can look at that and see how grand letter we can get in
7:24 am
the next report. >> i really have the concerns bus it was hard for me to review this report i'd like it in color if it comes in color we should be able to afford it is hard to see the shades here and i think we know afford what 7 copies for the commission i really would like to see this in color you have demographics like this this is no way for us to see for me so see the difference here. >> i'll be happy to provide the copies for this report in the future we can - >> i'd like to have a paper copy. >> sure we can do that. >> the commission can afford that. >> absolutely. >> thank you when you have reports like this with different scales it is much easier to read and see where the differences
7:25 am
really lie thank you because we get the budget in color. >> oh, i agree. >> we get the budget in color. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any other questions from - thank you thank you. >> okay. next item on the new business all items are voted by the commission requesting item a request to modify the grant agreement with bloipt for the provision of aging and disability resource center during the period of july one 2015 to june 2015 an additional amount of $66,000 accomplice a ten percent contingency fee for the revised not to exceed the amount of three hundred and 39 thousand plus
7:26 am
could i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and okay. your on jason. >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners and deputy director so as you can see i'll be present on a number of those items or the remainder of the items you'll be talking about the different sites throughout the city that are aging and disability aging strrz they provide information to the seniors and adults with disability i want to point out before i forgot one of the pattys concern that is money be used to fund ad r.c. sites specifically every one of those dollars is being used to fund ad r.c. sites specifically the ad backs to bringing up every single position and every site from the point one to a full fte
7:27 am
so give you a little bit of background on the ad r.c. i presented last year as a reminder this is a new initiative we started in fiscal year 2014-2015 higher years we had one lead agency providing the ad r.c. stenographers 22 different sites with throughout the city where someone half time and some by appointment only we're looking changing the model for 2014-2015 to have less sites by open more often by 5 offices people will, coming in more often from the regular neighborhood sites to get information this is services rather than having to set up on appointment or maybe come on a monday, wednesday, friday for a
7:28 am
couple of hours i believe that hypothesis is correct an increase in the clients consumerism's coming in a 5 percent increase from the previous year in fiscal year 2013-2014 this was for a lot of agrees hiring and start up around september this is quite a great success for the new model we've shrunk from 2022 but representing every supervisory district and provided more robust services so throwing out through case and going to the board of supervisors as patty said we raised all every .8 ftes that was where we were funding to one
7:29 am
full-time fte looking at doing a thoughtful analysis of sites throughout the city and in the last fiscal year when i noticed is that not only is are those sites providing great services for duplicateing a translation or form they'll coming back multiple times two to three times a year in those provisions we're looking at we're going beyond duplicate indicating the account how much information provides and follow-up are those by phone are those ad c sites presiding they're providing a valuable service that where people are coming in multiple times the agency. consistent in total contract but in do you see that person here in court todayed consumer
7:30 am
contact we're providing self-hem to those who have 3 sites two in the chinatown area and one of the sunset providing an additional ftes and online with an extra half of a position to again to help with this influx of not only new consumers but consumers coming back multiple times >> so that's a little bit of the background so through each one of the items as you can see most of them are related to the cost of people up to a full-time fte then with thirty street on a additional half position and self-help one fte. >> commissioner. thank you. >> i just wanted to go over the location of the services
7:31 am
golden gate is that a location in the castro they provide services at the castro senior center and is that where district 8 is located the representative for about district 8. >> district 8 is. >> includes the castro. >> right and offhand. >> golden gate into richmond. >> yes. that's. >> district one. >> district one golden gate senior centers the responding center in district one. >> where is the service provide for district 8. >> served by open house and it is also i believe there's a site this serves district 7 and 8 that would be sorry 30th street. >> that's okay jason is not
7:32 am
familiar with the surprisingly district to district 8 is served by 30th street as an open house. >> thank you. >> you had a question. >> my question is looking at this i'm looking at the old list and the problem is that when you change frequently the site location this confuses the seniors because they get use to going to a place and all of a sudden you change it and so because we don't go you know they like to remember so every year have we changed the location i think we should be very careful. >> that's a very good point we were aiming to stop in this new model in the older model for the 4 years the agency was
7:33 am
operational that was a large turnover in sites and personnel so but with this new model it is set sites those 12 sites have not changed and will not change for the next two years. >> unless they're not functioning the idea that was total confusion with us changing this commissioner sims. >> are you representing jason that all supervisorial district are are recommended evenly and adequately how would you explain. >> for supervisorial offhand district 3 that is where the chinatown is oath traffic for translation services and filling out forms maybe not as much traffic in the sunset or richmond ear it is not equal the numbers are not equal across the
7:34 am
city their adequately represented that serves a couple of districts thirty street serves districts seven and eight and another contractor that serves borrowed the one two districts that serve the community but there is some debate about whether or not the coverage is adequately addressed. >> that's what we're trying to do especially in the chinatown area and at 30th street we are seeing a lot more consistent traffic were note only duplicated for consumers coming multiple times for those two sites specifically there is dazzles more of a consistent trend over the last couple of
7:35 am
months. >> commissioner if i could add we're very fortunate to get the ad back money that brings everyone up, up to one fte jason is trying to analyze the numbers but both the unduplicated by the number of contact we don't have duplicated and try to make our system work, in a way those ordnances serving more people or serving them with more hours and more contract can have a little bit more we know once we go through each line item you'll have a chance to ask questions about those but we'll be careful watching this and analyzing and monitoring as we going forward we can there is a need for the
7:36 am
service it may not be completely adequate but right now that's what we're going for. >> it is weighed in favor of chinatown and someplace else and the area that 30th street serves in the outer mission area. >> well, let's just - any other questions about we're talking about bayview hunters point now they want to approve that one any questions about this one at this time any further questions any public comment? any public comment? at this time hearing none. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> emphasizing. >> did we read the actual. >> yes. >> i called for the motion
7:37 am
yes, i did. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so that motion carries be the modification with the catholic charity for the provision for asian and disability ad r during the period of july one 2015 through june 30, 2015, in the additional amount of 20 thousand plus a ten percent contingency for a revised total not to exceed amount of 200 and 13 to tell us plus skas jason is on again, a motion to discuss. >> so moved your second. >> you're on. >> well again as with item a and b the catholic charities ref
7:38 am
infrastructure funding to a full-time fte okay. >> so those two i'm looking our old schedule from the asian and be disabled resources center i'm chefk off the ones at the same location at this time it is the two that we've discuss as far were from last year and the same location. >> for those of us who don't have the disadvantaged of a lace list. >> the old o m i senior center located and 65 beverly street in the 34142 district 11 and
7:39 am
bayview hunters point with the first one we discussed and they are they still at 56 hundred thirsted. >> yes. >> okay. so this is 9341 district 10. >> in the western edition senior center. >> we're not there yet. >> we're talking about the bayview. >> under the umbrella of bayview as the agency they manage two sites one of the bayview correction sites and this one we approved that was both sites we approved the first thing. >> that's right. >> oh, we did. >> the weshs is d-6. >> so that one has both sites the western edition. >> right. >> that would be in i don't
7:40 am
think so them on here oh, yes, he did on turk street so they're located there so that would be supervisor breed. >> supervisor breed district. >> alrighty any any public comment? at this time on item b any public comment? hearing none i'll call question. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it that motion carries. >> okay item c request an authorization to modify the grant for the golden gate senior service for the provision of disability resource center ad r.c. during the period of july one 2015 to
7:41 am
june 30th, 2017, an additional amount of 36 plus plus a 10 percent contingency for a revised total not to exceed the amount of one hundred 98 thousand plus can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and second. >> yes. again, this is for the richmond senior center to bring their position from on a ferment ftes. >> this one is located in the. >> richmond. >> in the richmond district and i don't have this one from last year. >> you referenced the district. >> there is to - so we've changed it. >> richmond is on geary
7:42 am
boulevard 6221 geary boulevard that would be the richmond district. >> correct. >> do you have the - >> do you have an address there? >> golden gate i don't have that. >> sorry offhand i don't have the address it is on the list. >> 62 geary. >> that's was last year i just had that question any other questions? >> any questions? >> okay public comment on this one? >> is there - >> (inaudible). >> okay. >> any other questions. >> thank you. >> thank you for clarifying that we'll have we won't have to
7:43 am
look >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> > opposed? i's have it that motion carries request an authorization d request an authorization to modify the grant agreement with the northern california press the reason homes san francisco centering self-center inform the department of aging & adult services ad r.c. during the course user during july one 2015 to june 30th, 2015, an additional amount of 61 thousand dollars plus plus a 10 percent contingency invited amount of $437 plus a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> so the nc pcs runs two
7:44 am
centers offhand i couldn't tell you what district that is. >> 2 and 6. >> thank you all right. any questions for commissioners . hearing none i'll call question >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it that motion carries item e request an authorization to modify the grant agreement with the day services for the provision of agents and ad r.c.burg or during the period of july one 2015 through june 30th, 2017, an immediately amount of 69 to tell us plus plus a 10 percent contingency for the rise total not to exceed amount of 200 and 65 thousand plus can i have a motion to discuss.
7:45 am
>> so moved and second. >> okay. this one is to add an additional hachlt position at the senior center. >> okay are there any questions he at this time from the commissioners okay public comment? good morning valerie the director and also part of case board and i first want to say that i want 0 commend the department for taking a risk and trying a new model i've been around a long time and ii have seen many versions that has been a great success we're accounting
7:46 am
the kings but i want to say this is a model is working and probably will worker better and we go forward on fine tuning it so the numbers and the units of service continue to fib looked at and modified and we're doing that with along with jason and his team a great success as far as 30th street we coffer district 8 and 9 so when we went about the advocacy i actually headed up the folks for case we wanted to make sure that everybody all the sgrikts got covered so since there was no agents in district 9 at this time that went in for the rfp we were hoping that 30th street got 23 ftes when that didn't happen we were part of it but we were
7:47 am
grateful for the .5 huge numbers and i think that is about location when there are other things oftentimes a lot more foot traffic on the daily basis the ftes seize 10 people a day and has thirty days advanced appointment with 35 we'll address that need but have a feeling again, there are are more neighborhoods that have anyone lingual people into the weeds it more language continues to be a barrier to services and see those resource centers is helping people to navigate that more effectively he like what sherry reign said there will be more needed we know that the number of people coming out the aging network is growing and we're seeing that certainly in
7:48 am
our program so thank you >> thank you is there any additional public comment hearing none i'll call for the question >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it that motion carries thank you are we on f request for authorization to modify the grant agreement with open house for the provision of aging and adult ad r.c. from july one 2015 in the additional amount of $7,000 plus plus a con percent contingency not to exceed amount 200 plus thousand dollars can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved.
7:49 am
>> second. >> you're on. >> so again like most of sites we're bringing that position from a .8 fte to one full-time fte i do want to point out they're serving district 8 but also serving citywide too like two works in the new model to reach communities that were not necessarily assessing ad r.c. serves as much in the past the lgbt community and young adults with disabilities having tool works into the mix with new agencies in the last year is helpful in getting the word out of ad r.c. services that is beyond our historical penetration in the community okay. he know she said that but i'm looking at 1800 market street is that still the same
7:50 am
she said that was the same on the fourth floor. >> that's right. >> okay. all right. i wanted to be sure any comment from the commissioners. >> just madam chair i'd like to acknowledge i'll, recusing myself from this item. >> yes. thank you. >> any other comment from the commissioners? public comment at this time? any public comment? hearing none i'll call for vote >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so that motion carries g request an interrogation to modified the grant agreement with the self-help for the self-help for the ad r.c. from jill one 2015 to june 30th, 2015, in the additional amount
7:51 am
of one hundred ti thousand dollars plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed amount of 6 hundred and 71 thousand plus. >> can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. >> so for self-help 3 sites two in chinatown and one in the sunset area so this money will be used to bring our positions up again to full-time position and adding an additional ftes shared amongst the 3 sites a floater within the two sites. >> okay any questions? maybe a summary statement how much full-time staff and how many are increased. >> so each sites as had a points 8 ftes so we're
7:52 am
increasing two a one full fte and alexander an additional one we're addressing adding one .6 across the two sites. >> okay. any other questions. >> the math probably works it seems like a significantly large budget item than similar appropriations for other agencies is there any difference in compensation model or overhead or something that contributes to a bigger cost per increase. >> i'm not an expert i think there increased fringe benefits bringing people up to full-time fte and agency and sites by agency i'll not be able to answer an analysis that is more for budget to answer i'm sorry,
7:53 am
i do know there is more indirect cost because - >> what agency. >> depends upon the agency. >> my question is this. >> i won't be able to answer that. >> the total cost. >> a significant bigger bump for other agencies that seems like a lot of money trying to understand the justification for - >> is it. >> it is more do i believe and you're adding less than two additional people in other cases you're bringing people up to one it looks like a lot of money for one agency. >> i know i'll not be able to offhand with self-help i'll not be able to answer that question than with some the contracts
7:54 am
they're adding indirect costs with the initial budget with last year that maybe the reason but i'd have to get back with you. >> someone here from budget that can perhaps answer the question. >> we have two sites just with this. >> ohio commissioners and director we're adding a one like - because in the beginning they
7:55 am
have a larger amount that's why we're adding the one full-time employee and then the two - yes i don't have full answer of that maybe i can collect the information from the contractor but they're adding the full-time employee and commissioners. >> they're going from 2.4 to 4 across the 3 locates so and the question from commissioner sims it that that increase which is about - more than doubled even though you're not doubling the number of staff perhaps once you get full-time employees benefits
7:56 am
go up and other costs for them this is the understanding the question that is being asked if you don't have it that's okay. >> also look at it there is an increase of supervisor costs we're adding another fte florida there is costs it is a combination this is it is probably all legitimate i'm uncomfortable with the explanation a. >> please. thank you. >> good morning. i'm martha petersen in looking at how thirty this model has been budgeted it look like roughly with you increase 4.2 ftes for each agency that comes out to roughly $31,000 across the
7:57 am
board, however, with self-help we are doing that 2 it is $31,000 for each position getting increased but for self-help we're spreading it across 8 positions the grand total is one point of people total ti thousand dollars if you look at that's how much self-help is charging when you - it is actually coming out less than how we been compensating other agencies so for the amount of people that are increasing the amount of staff it is less than what we are giving me to other agencies so - >> so if i understood it is normally 31 thousand thorough a .2 ftes your you increasing if you multiply by that it is much more.
7:58 am
>> across the entire model it looks like it is more but there is more staff increased so it looks like in the scale is larger it is actually no does that help. >> yes. >> question talked about funder go sites at this time with the self-help. >> there are 3 sites. >> 3 oh. >> yes. >> any other questions is that clear. >> yes. thank you. >> public comment at this time? okay >> i'm looking at the budget and from last year to this year i see where the increase is going with the catholic charities i've increased their staff if you look at the line item they've added a new person from a $17,000 person to a
7:59 am
$36,000 person and 33 salary to 36 and thirty thoughts to 36 so my calculations i'm not sure what they were talking about is more than one .6 increase in ftes the way the salaries with written on the budget page and then ramp went up to. >> i'm sorry what. >> rent by 21 thousand that's a different figure if year to year. >> any - are we waiting for the budget committee any comments from the budget committee at this time?
8:00 am
>> oh. >> commissioner sims has a question also so. >> she mentioned the rental property from 7 thousand to 11 thousand plus it is a $4,000 difference. >> commissioners and she mentioned the rental property there's by angle average of $4,000 along those lines he was comparing the previous operation items and some of them identify the property rent-controlled units equipment for this one i was wondering if i'm missing something in terms of property rentals across other agencies. >> hi i can't answer that.
8:01 am
>> it is how they budget it those sites have different budget may not charge represent it is the difference across the board in how agencies account for those things. >> okay. >> is there answer from the budget committee on - oh, commissioner sims question. >> i cannot help but feel my understanding was that staff would be pretty well addressed from case report it sounds like as though it there were extended dial around controversy and some level of debate around some of those budget allocation i don't feel that staff is as prepared to present some of the things as
8:02 am
i thought they might be so i'm age concerned. >> i think that the first concern was that everybody that all of the sites go from where we were .8 to one full-time person i'm sorry, i'm sorry we're not more presented from the jason and my conversations about the sheer numbers at self-help sites we need to increase it by more so they can address the niece of people waiting in line for the services that's was jason's intent in adding that extra .3 to each the 3 sites that we're looking at today, i have reviewed the numbers with him and feel strongly we need to do that i'm sorry it is not clear how to looks at in footstep budget why
8:03 am
those numbers we're not having a bettered understanding i'm not sure we've been very clear that self-help needs the increase in terms of their personnel. >> since there's a discrepancy here this is why we have a budget committee i know the meeting you don't need but those kinds of things can be accounted at that time, i'm thinking of like i'm sending something else to the budget committee many say the kind of thing that needs to be worked out with the budget committee and go back to the budget committee to really look at it and clarify so when we get to the commission meeting you know those doubts had a third
8:04 am
accounting in terms of what needs to be done so i'm looking at my budget and wondering is this something that i would hate to table at this time but i'm want to worry about the pleasure to send it back to the budget committee for a review pending which pleasure how strong we feel about this at this time i'd like to hear from you commissioners. >> to begin with can we we've approved the other parts of overall i'm not sure we can table one part. >> each item you can vote on each item i don't know but we vote on each item to either table or action or approve that
8:05 am
so you can table things and send it by a, to the budget committee we don't want to interrupt their operations it might be necessary if you're not thoroughly satisfied with the answers we're getting today and the skrerpz we have before us from the budget - >> so i'm new to this but that question came up when we reviewed the packet so i know there was the addition to make hold the .8 pegs or positions to one my understanding why two 0 agencies got one fte more than others my understanding was that there was more traffic through the sites and more of a program need that's why it was handles definitely than good evening from point a to point ftes we
8:06 am
added one whole fte so self-help and the half to the other agencies that's i mean it is more than an explanation of needs in terms of services required at the sites that's the justification. >> i also wanted to point out with a lot of the sites they were not operating on july 1st some of the operating experience we look at the 36 thousand they're paying for full-time positions last year we were not paying able to hire at sunset not hiring someone on july 1st there is a looks like a large increase in what they're being paying each position but now their fellowship staffed from july to june in 2016 we're
8:07 am
paying an actual full-time position a lot of the sites were not up and running in july. >> commissioner sims. >> well, my comment would be that in large part we're asked to trust the analysis and due diligence and work that is done by the department in preparation of those proposals that sounds significant conversation from riders in the community and the staff around this package i wouldn't want to embarrass anyone but far more prepared with granule discussion so we're not left with a trust me vote rather than a vote with full
8:08 am
confidence all the information is fully evaluated and appropriate. >> any others comments from commissions on this tell me any further unreadiness okay did you have a comment? public comment at this time? >> yeah. good morning. i'm nick with the senior services and looking over i don't want to barbara program your instructions were to this money would be used to bring staff from point a up to full-time this is how the money would be used i look at the operating expense detail of the program you're talking about now they've
8:09 am
using the this increase for increase in rent and we were not told to use the money for operating expense increases so i'm just wondering how they were able to do that and we were not? >> anybody want to staff? >> can you explain that? >> so i'd like to refer to eileen. >> elaine i don't have the prior years budgeted to see the years rent that's not my contract maybe they had an increase this year they
8:10 am
submitted to us last year those contracts go on for 3 years so i really can't verify if this is an increase the ad r.c. funding sfoordz only increased the staff from 8 to one that's it not other areas what was the fringe benefit and the indirect you're going to bring a person with full-time benefits so far as i am concerned, there were on increases for staff. >> okay. >> that increase in rent was authorized prior to this ad back fund has nothing to do with with the ad back funding the staff $36,000 a term of the remainder of the contract you're looking at 70 thousand. >> huge increase if other
8:11 am
programs so they have 70 thousand increase with the fringe and indirect that is why the money is municipal court higher than you see in the other contracts one thing to point out this question why this one is so much more than the others. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> any other comments from the commissioners? are you ready to vote public comment we heard from the public on this yes okay. i'll call the question are you ready? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of approving that budget and presented say i and. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it so that motion
8:12 am
carries the last item requesting an authorization to modify the grant agreement with two works under the provision of asian and disabled research center for the period of july one 2015 through june 30th, 2017, an additional amount of 20 thousand plus plus a 10 percent contingency hold on a revised total not to exceed amount of one hundred and $54,000 a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. your on. >> great so our last item this is for two works to bring over or their position to a full-time positi position. >> okay too works is on the last
8:13 am
year so any comments from the commissioners? any comments? okay public comment on this one? >> public comment hearing none i'll call for the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? i's have it so that motion carries we have announcements any announcements? >> thank you. >> it is actually a question i thought maybe the contract staff might know on the other add back we've been waiting to hear is the community services they also received an ad back we were wondering can we have any information about timing on this one? >> this is public comment not -
8:14 am
>> eelena i'm working on the ad back funding planning to present to commission no november we're accounting all the fuentes 22 agencies involved and $1.5 million plus in add back fund amongst the 22 agencies for 5 hundred thoughts and one million dollars so going to finalize the budget tomorrow and meeting and presented in november. >> okay. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> any others announcements announcements public comment? >> any public comment hearing none can i have a motion to adjourn. >> so moved and second. >> thank you it is approved we're adjourned
8:15 am
>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly
8:16 am
unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can
8:17 am
the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about
8:18 am
recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have
8:19 am
been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now.
8:20 am
this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best.
8:21 am
>> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts,
8:22 am
it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our
8:23 am
viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪
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>> the meeting will come to order happy first ever october everyone that is thursday, october 1, 2015, of the san francisco full board of supervisors please keep the comments down until we start with the public comment that is the public safety of the board of supervisors our clerk mr. derrick evans to my right it supervisor campos trust fund is supervisor christensen any announcements mr. evans devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. thank you, mr. evans this is a new hyphenated name i want to thank sfgovtv herb and joshua
8:30 am
for televising this today mr. evans only one item on the agendas push item number one is a hearing with the release of the 2015 language ordinance assess ordinance compliance to receive a upgrades on the compliance with the ordinance and requesting the legal affairs and other agencies to report. >> thank you colleagues flven you is the annual advancing language report thank you it it from the immigrant affairs and staff and all the departments it participated the biggest thanks to the grassroots language assess network for the offer 20 years has been recognizing for increases in bilingual and bio currently staff and better translation serves to the
8:31 am
growing population of many people from the parts of world that come to san francisco but speak english and other languages it is about language equality and equal assess thank you to supervisor campos for his years and years of with work important advancing not only immigrant rights but language equality and services and education as well so let me start by saying that san francisco language assess ordinance adopted in 2009 was based on on the 2001 equal access to language origins that was pushed by a coalition in oakland and our strong san francisco assess language requires all public serving city departments to inform limited english people that seek the services of they're right to
8:32 am
request that interpretation or translation and it to translate signs and materials to provide important information about the city's most commonly uncommon english, chinese, filipino and spanish to provide the access to the staff that speaks those languages that recent confuse when i read the rights of people to have staff that speak their language to have translation to have notifications of our rights have right in the city this is because of our grassroots coalition and is ongoing training within the department and a point person within the department is critical earlier this year we passed a new ordinance read by supervisor tang i p i co-sponsored that amendment our administrative code to expand the strength of our go language assess ordinance to apply to all the staffs not
8:33 am
just tier ones autopsy departments must provide that service to the public and rice the plan requirements that is nice and neatly summarized by ms. mondays or popped and her staff prevailing we defined the tier one of the high volume of the interaction with the public and element english proficiency all others commissions for a term quiet tier 2 departments the new ordinance that report didn't reflect that in the occupying report due tomorrow from each department will reflect the departments complying with the language assess ordinance i want to do is the data in the reports were analyzing do you still have again, the two tiers so it is really the tier one departments
8:34 am
that are focused on but in future language assess reports they have agricultural the departments a lot of work for ms. ponds and the departments but most of us toward stronger language assess to the city spent the consortiums many residents are unaware of our language assess ordinance and terror rights as limited english speaking populations it there are is a need for more awareness public education, for not only our occ office but the immigrant services office but within the language assess network and city departments to educating the clients they serve their rights as limited english population i wanted to say i think the language assess ordinance reflected moving and keep that in mind the notion of equality
8:35 am
not just treating people by only english anthropologies only but equality to look at the specific needs of language no matter population from equally to equality and make sure that all individuals what about reached and realize the resources not only in the occ office but in all city departments to many newcomers communities language access is a human right and one of the paths to mooefblg participation in a democratic furjs city to relieve the lack of language assess our priority to take priority since the implementation of our ordinance occ has provided annual reports from my understanding from the 2001 ordinance their supported
8:36 am
to give this information to the mayor's office it has been established and federal, state, and local to insure outline citizens have access in 2001 we were fighting the english only from prop 87 to 227 our visionary assess ordinance was about bilingual staffing in the city's downstairs we're focusing on certified staffing and other police department that may not be certified by still speak various language your immigrant population understand it is also come to the attendance i want to thank victor and others for their work through the attendance with the discussions with the community members that i think we need more engagement from the office of civic engagement and as far as they're concerned, important the
8:37 am
explanation of multi lingual communities in the hiring of bilingual and certified bilingual staff today we begin our hearing from the office of immigrant affairs the language assess network has a rep that followups and then a number of communities testimonies during public comment but we also have a number of city departments handpicked. >> bob: because they're good examples of the work in their department with that, i'd like to ask if any of any colleagues have any opening comments i see none ms. pond is the director of the immigrant affairs and fold by the chinese for affirmative action and is language network as well ms. pond. >> thank you supervisor eric mar and supervisors joining me sarah our society director of
8:38 am
policy assess we wanted to start by saying thank you for your leadership and commitment and our immigrant population in san francisco i know you've had a busy morning with some issues that are important to everybody and i just want to say thank you to you for your continuous working on this this chart shows our first slide oh, we have to wait until it comes on language diversity in san francisco this is a at some point for you have what it looks like for our language population in san francisco nearly half of our residents speak a language other than english at home and one in every 4 residents is limited english speaking top 56 languages by individuals are chinese and spanish and followed by filipino, vietnamese and russian then if you look at the language
8:39 am
mandates, of course, there are over one thousand laws in the looks at of the united states covering language assess those are the critical major laws and impacters on the federal, state, and local level so everything from title 6 of the civil rights title 4 of the 1964 in the case oils i know that supervisor eric mar is familiar with the presidential executive order and the dodge guidelines to the state laws and the local level san francisco has by far the largest assess law in the nation that is through hundred percent to our community partners and through the work with the board of supervisors and then, of course, our priority with our diverse population following the priorities always at the front is crisis emergency public school public safety situations
8:40 am
wherewith we must community e communicate effective with all our residents and all our pointing don't think that we want to communicate with the half hour of the population that speaks the language other than english and provides equal access to accurate information the same thing all our residents deserve so this is no difference whether you speak english as a first language or not we see that as very key to our immigrant integration work the equal assess and it is key to economic and civic- we'll move aggressively towards that goal as a reminder standard terminology interpretation is spoken and translation is written in the skill sets they are different right now oracle
8:41 am
and staff has to do both of the function and your translators this is norman he's been here for one month his first day was staffing the board of supervisors regular full meeting and i think accident an outstanding job to my left our long time wonderful chinese interpret that speaks chinese and mandarin i want to give an update that on the footprint implementation as you may know we're responsible for second-story any wlaung that is supposedly spoke by 10 thousand or limited english speaking person or proficient persons in san francisco it is been chinese and spanish since 2001 and in 2014 we certified physically as awe how third language and they
8:42 am
have until december 31st, 2015, to be in full compliance the demand for filipino is not pumpkin u huge but the departments can be much better in field offices like the mayor's office of housing and community development have been good at translating their documents into filipino or occ to provide assistance the biggest challenge is with document translation since vendors use filipino translators that have different levels of influencecy for many of the terms don't cellist capitalist of exists and have to be researched i want to shout out to our filipino interpret translator and the unit civil right sandra stand up for a
8:43 am
minute said and done draw is oftentimes in the background but the hard work working and pulling together our unit for us po so occ is working with the department to help them standard defenses of filipino documents and in the next week slide over update on the amendments that supervisor eric mar referenced. >> ms. pecuniary damage i want to thank the filipino center and others for the strong vaccinecy not only for the inclusion of tagalog and the broadly network as well. >> absolutely we have a thank you to the translator to the amendments were passed by the board in march of this year and as supervisor eric mar no more tears so the full sets up of the law applies to all departments that
8:44 am
provides information or serves the public we trained occ trained over 50 city departments earlier this year to provide expensive outreach one-on-one by our city departments the departments see are formally known as tier one today was d day october 1st up to 5 o'clock to submit their annual compliance report in the next objectivity 2016 that will be all city departments covered under that law and, of course, interest is a revised complaint process occ is in charge of ref all complaints we work closely with the community and the city departments on this and finally updates on the latest ordinance 13113 that was
8:45 am
authorized by supervisor yee and that is mandating the language assistance pilot for the board of supervisors as you can see we're trying to do our best it launched on september 8th with the first meeting we developed portfolio for the clerk of the board and might add that is a total pleasure working with the clerk and her staff their top professionals we all have a lot to learn on the provision of the la p we're think finding the protocols need to be tweaked we'll do that later on in the year our intention to, of course, to increase public proclamation for the mountain tunnel mongol and people of the public i'm not sure the translation a 13 page
8:46 am
introduction at roll call of legislation with 21 pages of item is the best way to provision to meet the needs of our population but we're trying to do our best to do both you know we might look at later on how our resources to better benefit our la p individuals that want to participate maybe having more interprets available in different languages at boards meetings rather than at that particular time the documents so hope we'll cover and highlight the annual report. >> thank you this slide give us a it is a quick snapshot of some of the finding from the report that you have in front of you the 2015 report which constituent results from fiscal year 2013-2014 and a as report from the 26
8:47 am
departments considered the tier one departments the largest public serving departments so as you can see there is some good news and the since the city's bilingual cracking contact staff increased by a third and developing more policies to communicate with their alignment proficient clients and customers and increased 16 percent the not so good news the limit budget decreased by 9 percent by the 2013-2014 year was not as consist data collection and reporting is still proving to be difficult for the departments though our office is work to provide as much technical assistance we've seen in terms of the staff that are assigned to the language assess liaisons that effects the quality of
8:48 am
reporting we've seen a lot of turnover this slide provides on overview of the citywide access budget for 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 the total overall assess budget was $8.2 million as you can see the majority of that budget was for bilingual premium pay for employees followed by telling phonetic interpretation and finally wanted to highlight a few of the new developments related to language assess occ is making improvements to increase the quality of services this year we trained more department than ever over 60 depths the amendments to the la o and the thirds cycle thoughts
8:49 am
interprets training for both the city departments and members of the community organizations power we've implemented a new web-based data collection and annual reporting tool which was developed in partnership with the nonprofit zero divide which the departments what store their data and created an online repository portal for guidance documents and templates that liaisons can pull up and provide language assess services and meeting the requirements supervisors thanks to the leadership of the board and community partners like c aa and the language assess network we're able to provide community grants for outreach and education in our community partners are working with us to help to build both city and communities capacity our grant
8:50 am
case participate in the annual community interprets training wiper trying to professional lists interpretation that is a profession if we can work together with the community and city we can grow over ability to communicate better and meet quarterly with the community partners and discuss challenges and approaches and solutions so collective we're committed to better serving the la p residents want to make sure that english is not a first language as equal access to a information services that is what you'll residents and workers and people that go to school and live and work in san francisco deserve and deserve nothing less than our best thank you and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. >> i have a couple of quick
8:51 am
ones from c aa when tagalog or filipino languages reach the 5 percent of the population la p or 10 thousand residents citywide how close are the vietnamese and russian and arabic to getting to that threshold. >> that's a good question rights on the tail the last america survey results. >> so the census and the more accurate credit adjust to the under count. >> neither of the above in the past when the ken us asked daylight questions that was more informative than in 2010 reduced to 10 questions hardly any information about the
8:52 am
foreign-born or access the american community survey is a salvaging one in every 40 households so oftentimes people that don't speak worker absent a first language don't get to participate in that in terms of it is annual but we use the 5 year acs report to it fluctuates into yerba buena and the filipinos the numbers are close to the 10 thousand thresholds we wanted to make sure by the in answer to our question improving hundred and 50 thousand people in san francisco speak schienz that's cantonese and. >> i'm trying to get at filipino and russian. >> russian was at thirteen thousand plus the l e p are almost 84 hundred it is close to you know getting close to
8:53 am
threshold not quite there this is followed by vietnamese that is at about 64 thousand and then what about arabic. >> that is not nearly up there we have if you read the law allows us to identify the population for instance, ma ago works with us we have an estimated 20 thousand mayan rosenfeld in a close spanish not their fairs e first language or english we are working and supervisor campos has been taking the leadership of that and champion that community so we're able to work with they're building of the capacity and working on getting better details about the population so we can we are work with the arresting bib community and many of the groups that serve the
8:54 am
continuities are grantees we'll identify their needs and look at the merging population. >> and laughing the numbers you said you used the american survey my understanding a census for homelessness and immigrant population the american survey scare and other methods of surveying but that didn't work for the limits english speaking population; is that right. >> it in work in you take the mayan they're under counted we want to provide support and capacity building to the community-based organizations and this special study when we safeguards the filipino a detailed study was done we talked with the community experts and language experts so we tried to get as itch
8:55 am
information on the population and because the census done every few years that is more accurate. >> the ap s is done annually and only tone questions so acs took the places of the long form with detailed questions that's the original one of the incredible source that most organizations use to look at population data. >> i guess the troubling numbers about is dropping of language assess budget is very troubling given that half the population speaking language other than english i think over 40 percent of san francisco are people born outside of the u.s. but increasing the budget for bilingual staffing and language
8:56 am
assess but not going down why has it drooped 10 percent. >> large department that carry the weight of the numbers a larger monolingistic population they serve this any fluctuation on that kind of impacts this entire you know citywide numbers i will will have to - our community partners work closely 0 so have a provision for a lot of things we're trying to encourage the department not
8:57 am
about more money and resources. >> what is confusing the increase in bilingual staff of 31 percent and yet the drop in language assess budget is not 4 one or two percent but 10 percent why is that. >> one suggestion might be e might be the fact as reported in the prior years included the certified and uncertified the staff not certified not receiving the premium pay that really drop in the budget for staffing is specifically relate to the bilingual premium pay. >> how did that compare to previous years. >> i think actually, this is the first time it drops age i
8:58 am
know part of it how we're murray's so that may fluctuating with the law amendment wear separating out, you know who are certified employees bilingual certified that receive premium pay and collecting data on employees that provides bilingual services that may not does it not certified is admonish informal we will have no more data. >> thank you ladies he appreciate the analysis i the president to say one of the great example of the network they take oh, supervisor campos. >> a question question could you tells us which departments the budget has gone down. >> the department of public health. >> i believe that was the department of public health yeah, and they're a large department they impact the numbers they spend more dollars
8:59 am
in general. >> it is a public health and who else. >> we can get back on the specifics. >> that's pretty troubling actually public health department if their interacting with public health department that is a serious matter and then the h ta deals with the vulnerable populations in the city so this is a real concern and you know the fact it may mean they involve the staff not certified it is problematic it talks about the quality of the interaction and it is not about money but money matters so i don't know is there anyone from pushing that can talk about that at some point.
9:00 am
>> john is here from h s a but i'm going to say that h s a is an important participate in serving the immigrant community so i think mr. murphy can better answer the specific sequesters. >> ink the budget in many rights is it reflection of our priorities when it gowns it raise concerns of the levied tax and i think the original equal access to the ordinance is focuses on the frontline of the key departments that subcontract interact with the language groups 0 fire and police and


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